New zest for life begins

abba photo on cardboard
In front of Abba Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo by dad

Holiday over or in my case a break. Had a relaxing 2 nights in Stockholm with dad. The weather was nice. Warm enough. We went to the island Djurgården where the amusement park Gröna Lund is. Beside it, there is the Abba museum. On the outside, they had put this photo of the band where you could put your own head through the holes so your face is there instead of theirs. We didn’t go inside the museum though. Our main goal was the open-air museum, Skansen. There you can see wild animals for example. There were bears playing with each other in the water. You could watch them through a glass. There is so much to see so it took several hours. It’s a great place for families. We got there in the morning by boat and when we left, there were hundreds of more people coming. It was Saturday so it’s a very popular day and the weather was sunny too. We walked for 8 hours in total in Stockholm. Of course, breaks sometimes. After a break at the hotel, we took a walk nearby to see the evening life. Even a short holiday makes you feel like a new person. It’s almost like a new zest for life begins.

Speaking of which. Next week it begins. Maybe not a new life but still something else for a change. The graphic design education in Helsinki. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking but yet excited to meet new people. The first meeting on Friday on August 24. I already bought the bus tickets and then I get the information the school begins at 10.30 am. So I have almost 2 hours to kill. Usually, the day would start at 9 am but the first meeting is later. But what’s done is done. When you start a new school, there are usually this introduce yourself time and that’s what I dread the most. Last time I went to Helsinki Design School, I was awful at it. I can never guarantee how things will go. Things never come out of my mouth as I have planned it. I might say things too quietly or I stutter but that’s because I’m nervous. The first impression is my weakness. Even at the restaurant in Stockholm, I ordered a salad on the side but they brought us French fries instead. I thought I said it in a clear voice but I guess the waiter didn’t understand. It really didn’t really matter because the fries were much better than the potatoes I had. But when it comes to introducing yourself, you get one shot and then you’re stamped for the rest of the time. It would be easier just to say your name and where you’re from and then move on. But they want your whole story, why you’re there and what you’ve done. Why make it more difficult anyway? If people want to know more, just ask. I guess Finns are to shy so you have to tell things about you straight away. They don’t want to know your whole story though. I survived last time so I will do it this time too. The education itself will be interesting. Learning new things is always a bonus.

Put up our sleeves and get started

sleeping cat

The subject might sound uptempo but this post is not exactly that. That was just an idea I got when I saw the word sleeve in The Daily Prompt. Actually, I thought about men who have their sleeves rolled up to their elbows that I find sexy 😀 But seriously. I never seem to get anything done or it takes slowly. Especially the beginning. I’m a thinker and a dreamer. When I start to do them I either give up because they don’t go the way I want or I don’t start at all. I only think what I could do but then I’m too lazy or too scared. It’s not like I’ve never done anything in my life. I have studied. They could have been in vain since I don’t have a job. At least I got up to do something and not only sitting on my fanny. Unfortunately, I don’t get appreciated for my efforts in real life. I’m not exactly a dream candidate for the employers. They want someone who talks a lot and entertains them. I don’t fit anywhere. They can keep their companies for all I care. It won’t make me feel down if I’m not wanted. It’s really their loss.

If things would only be much easier for me but I’m both introverted and suffer from mild ADD (attention deficit disorder). But it’s so mild I don’t even know I have it. At least my attention span is short and I have concentrating issues. The biggest problem is probably not being driven enough. I don’t make any goals because I know I don’t have enough of courage to fulfil them. I’m scared of getting out of my comfort zone. I like trying something new but taking the first step is always difficult for me. I take chances with small steps. But take my time to decide what to do. I can’t just pull up my sleeve and get started. At least I take control of my own life and I educate myself to be better.

helsinki design school merch
Helsinki Design School

I’ll begin studying graphic design in August. I wrote it here but I mention it on this blog too. It will be nice to learn something new. Even if I do study  I can do something else too. We only meet twice a month. I still can’t believe I got in so I think it will soak in when it begins. I did think about it for a while if I should apply or not. I did once before but I got lucky the second time. Some people might think I’m mad for studying in such an expensive school. But is staying at home and waiting for a miracle a better choice? Not so much. I want to do something and not just be. I’m been doing that for too long. I will still think before acting. If you want things done right, you should do it at your own pace.