Chime my comeback

Made in Canva

After about 1,5 weeks of internet connection problems, I’m back again. So chime my comeback. I wasn’t able to post on this blog. Only One Line Sunday on my tablet. Writing on the computer is so much easier. You really rely on the internet these days. If you have problems with the connection, you get nothing done. I was worried the problems won’t be solved but they did. It’s really boring when your internet connection won’t work. I had to play games on my computer and they got boring pretty fast. When I wrote my fiction, I couldn’t check out the spelling on Grammarly because I had no internet. Those are only a few examples. I couldn’t even do my school assignments because of the internet connection. All the time went to trying to find a solution to the problem.

What I missed the most was blogging. Especially Rag Tag Daily Prompt. I missed a lot of great words. I could always go back to those words though. Now when I’m back I can go back to normal life again.


So tired of waiting


I won’t get upset if internet is slow or doesn’t work but when you want to blog and post it, that’s what I have a problem with. For example, the dorm I live in during weekdays has a very slow internet connection and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. It suffers from mood swings. I can’t even post it on the class computer because I don’t remember the password to WordPress. I have to write this post in the Word document so I get at least my thoughts written down.

What I hate the most is waiting. I hate waiting for the mail to arrive if I’m expecting something. I also hate to wait for people. If there’s a meeting at 3 pm then you should arrive that time. When my mother met someone she knew, she always stopped talking to them and she talked a lot. I never liked to be near so I waited from far away which was irritating. It hasn’t changed since then. I tolerate it but I rather not wait for people. I also hate to wait for people to answer emails. Especially when you really need an answer as soon as possible. I understand if they’re busy but don’t make me wait for weeks.

Back to the internet connection at the dorm. Some idiot is probably downloading something from the internet, taking all the wifi range. Or the wifi is just crap. But it’s annoying to use internet at the dorm. Waiting, waiting and waiting for things to download. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t blogged much. You never know if the connection doesn’t hold when you hit publish. The same goes with reading other blogs I follow. I can only do that when I’m home at the weekend. The internet connection at the dorm is not the only irritating thing but that’s another subject.