Chime my comeback

Made in Canva

After about 1,5 weeks of internet connection problems, I’m back again. So chime my comeback. I wasn’t able to post on this blog. Only One Line Sunday on my tablet. Writing on the computer is so much easier. You really rely on the internet these days. If you have problems with the connection, you get nothing done. I was worried the problems won’t be solved but they did. It’s really boring when your internet connection won’t work. I had to play games on my computer and they got boring pretty fast. When I wrote my fiction, I couldn’t check out the spelling on Grammarly because I had no internet. Those are only a few examples. I couldn’t even do my school assignments because of the internet connection. All the time went to trying to find a solution to the problem.

What I missed the most was blogging. Especially Rag Tag Daily Prompt. I missed a lot of great words. I could always go back to those words though. Now when I’m back I can go back to normal life again.


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