All talk, no action

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What topics do you like to discuss?

Daily Prompt

I have a lot of topics that I like to discuss but no one to do it with. I write a blog instead. It’s mostly talk and no action, but at least I get my thoughts down. Some things are important to me but don’t seem like that to others. If I had a pet, I would talk to it. Since I don’t, I speak to Mon Ami, my favourite toy monkey. Maybe it’s weird, but I like some weirdness, and I don’t care what people think. Certain things you can’t write in a blog. They are private. I also don’t want people to know about my sad infatuations. Talking or writing is food for the mind, and you need to take it out of your mind one way or another.

I like to discuss music, movies, photography, graphic design, blogging, sport etc. But I don’t talk politics or religion. Or private things. I might say other facts about me, but nothing intimate. It’s no one’s business but my own. For specific topics, I only have opinions and short answers. Other issues I could talk about for hours. A shame; not many people want to know what I have to say. I don’t like talking about things just to talk. What most people are talking about doesn’t interest me. I don’t like networking because there is no soul in them. I like deep conversations. Unfortunately, people who want to do that don’t exist in real life. Without the internet, there would be no one to share thoughts with. It’s a wide, wide world. Blogging is a great way to express yourself when you are an introvert like me. It’s no point explaining what an introvert is to people who don’t want to understand. But that is a topic for another day.

Repost: My look on introvert myths

What’s something most people don’t understand?

Daily Prompt

Here’s myths about introverts that I found on the internet. There’s a lot of myths about introverts out there. But being an introvert shouldn’t be seen as a problem. It’s not like we’re from another planet. Some of the answers to the myths I disagree with. There’s a lot more but these are 10 of the best. This is how I see them.

Introverts don’t like to talk
In a way that’s not true. I only talk when I have something to say. I don’t waste my time on talking nonsense. But talking is not my favorite thing. I just don’t like the sound of my voice. If you give me a subject I really like, don’t even imagine, stopping me. Me, quiet, no, I just think before I speak. That way I won’t say something stupid and hurt someone’s feeling. Confrontation is the worse thing I know. Especially around strangers.

Introverts are shy
I can be shy when it comes to people I don’t know. I do wonder if I’m really introverted or just shy. Obviously they are two different things. It depends in what kind of mood I’m in. I’m also a coward so maybe I’m a cowardly, introverted shy person.

Introverts are rude
Anyone can be rude and it has nothing to do with being an introvert. I try to be nice to people, if they’re nice to me. If they’re not, they can see another thing coming.

Introverts don’t like people
Sometimes that’s true. I do like people but most of the time they’re annoying. I would rather talk to a pet (if I wasn’t afraid of them that is) or to a plant than to people. I just hate repeating myself. Maybe people have wax in their ears or I talk too fast so they don’t hear what I’m saying.

Introverts don’t like to go out in public
How am I suppose to buy food if I don’t go out in public? I’m not afraid of the outdoors. You have to go out sometime to get some fresh air. Seeing other people is good for the mental health as well. You don’t have to interact with them if you don’t want to.

Introverts always want to be alone
Maybe that’s the reason the reason I don’t have any friends. People think that I always want to be alone. I do but sometimes I wish there would be someone to talk to. Even one. I don’t need a lot of friends to keep me happy.

Introverts are weird
Weird are the people who think introverts are weird. Even extroverts can be weird. Being weird makes other people look too ordinary. What a boring place the world would be if no one was weird.

Introverts don’t know how to relax and have fun
How can you relax when extroverts are trying to change your personality. And partying and drinking is not the only way to have fun. People just seem to have no imagination when it comes to ways to have fun.

Introverts can fix themselves and become Extroverts
Or the other way around. Introversion is not a decease, it’s a personality. Some might become more extrovert when they get older but still be introverts. I’ve tried to be extrovert but it just feels unnatural. It’s just not me. I don’t think extroverts are really honest with themselves. There lives an introvert in all of us. If everyone were extroverts there would be no solitude or silence anywhere.

Introvert prefer books to partying
Me, reading a book? Don’t make me laugh 😀 I’ve tried to read Lord of the rings twice but I failed miserably. I rather stay home and watch TV than read a book. Beside I’ve never even been invited to a party. If I did I would say no because the reason people party is the get drunk. At least in Finland. Besides I don’t like alcohol and drunk people. Once a homebody, always a homebody.

In the end we’re all the same. It doesn’t matter what star sign you are or what country you live in. Everybody should be proud of who they are. Why should we label people in the first place? It’s much easier to accept differences than trying to change a person.
I’m proud to be introverted because I know when to shut up 😉

Originally Published on JANUARY 10, 2015

Confidence or imprecation

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How would you rate your confidence level?

Daily Prompt

My confidence level depends on the day. Some days it’s 0, the others is 9. I don’t know if it’s an imprecation or just the way I work. I never seem to know what I want out of life. I don’t feel confident around other people. When I’m on my own, I feel I can be myself. In the beginning, when I meet new people, I try to be outgoing. But then it gets tiring, and I keep to myself. It feels like no one is responding to me, so I let it go. Why stress about it how others see you? For example, when I started the filmmaking course, I talked to a person, but now I don’t say anything to anyone. Maybe it’s a Finnish thing, but people never ask me anything. I have to take the initiative, and it’s stressful for an introvert. Finns are only open when they know the person. Or if you’re a tourist, they are nice to you. It’s hard to make friends with a Finn. Even for the Finns themselves. We are all strangers at first, but I don’t know how people become friends if they never ask things about you. I don’t know how I had friends when I was a kid. It was easier then, I guess.

I’m confident about certain things, but then reality hits, and they are dashed. One of them is working somewhere, and I do my job well. But others might not think the same. How would they know when I’m not getting a job anywhere? I’m confident I can get a job one day, but those hopes disappear when I don’t get one. There is some kind of imprecation hanging over me regarding job searches. A healthy person shouldn’t be treated like this. But there are a lot of others who won’t get hired either, no matter what they try. You can’t get more confidence if no one wants to give you a chance. Many people lose their confidence when things don’t go how they want. I haven’t lost mine because my confidence level rarely gets to zero. If you lose your faith in yourself, feeling blue is easier. What others think about you is not relevant. Especially those who want you harm. Like the song, ‘Greatest Love of all’ by Whitney Houston, whatever they take away from me. They can’t take away my dignity.

At our latest meeting in school, we had a producer who taught us about movie production. He said you should do things even if you’re afraid. It’s true, but it’s not easy for someone who prefers getting away from situations like that. I don’t have that kind of confidence. I have been running away from things I’m afraid of all my life. I’m a dreamer and not a risk-taker. I have a temporary confidence period, but then I get nothing done anyway. I know I should, but something stops me from acting. It’s not about being afraid of failure; I’ve been through that many times; it’s about not having enough confidence in my skills. I don’t want to spend time with something that won’t get results. It’s not easy to start something when you don’t know if you got what it takes. Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging things, to begin with. That’s better than having to try to please employers to hire you. At least then you can get more confidence in what you do. One thing is for sure, my confidence level is better than it was when I was younger. I guess that’s what life experiences give you.