A spangle or minimal theme

Made in Canva. Photo: ©️Mia Salminen

I have thought about changing the theme on this blog for a while. I haven’t found anything that suited my blog. I didn’t want a complicated layout. After looking for a new theme that wouldn’t mess up my blog, look wise. I finally found one. It’s called Penscratch 2. If I had to choose between a spangle or a minimal layout, I would choose the latter. I wanted a design that had two columns and that I would still have the same widgets.

There are so many themes to choose from, so it’s hard to know what suits your blog the best. A spangle is not always the best if you want to keep it simple. I think this theme I have is the best. It’s easy to manage, so I’ll keep it for some time.

Day 25: Adapt a Custom Detail for Your Blog

As it happens, I changed my layout yesterday. The same with My Photolio I usually don’t really get inspiration from other blogs. I don’t really pay attention to other peoples layouts. As long as people are satisfied with theirs, that’s all that matters. If other’s get inspiration from my blog, that’s great.

It’s nice to see how other blogs have designed theirs though. For now I will not touch mine for a while. I might get bored easily but not that fast.