Take a trip to my new blog theme

settings on screen
Photo: Free WP

I changed the theme of this blog yesterday. It’s called Nucleare. It was time to change it a little. Take a trip to In my world front page and take a peak if you like. I like that you can use the font you want. I use Cabin and Raleway. It’s also my brand typography.

I have been looking for a new theme for a while, but I haven’t found the right one until now. I wanted a similar theme that I had before. I wanted to keep the same widgets. There are themes where you can edit the layout with the site editor, but I find that difficult. I prefer the easier way out.

Going through the WordPress themes is a trip because there are so many. I use the free ones. They are as good as the paid and premium ones. I have a Personal WP plan for this blog, so it’s good enough for me. I’m going to keep this theme for a while. I quite like it. Please do have a trip to my new blog theme. If you haven’t already, while reading this blog post.

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