Advent calendar Box 12

advent calendar 12Twelve days have gone and 12 days to go. At least if you celebrate Christmas on the 24th. A lot of people gets more stressed as the time passes. They worry about if they get their decorations ready on time and the same with food. Not forgetting presents. They worry about what to get their friends and family. Most importantly how much money to spend. Some presents don’t need to be bought. People rely too much on material things. There are other ways to remember people. How about giving something they really need?

I don’t usually have a theory about things unless it’s a movie or something. But since we’re kids we get lied to that presents makes Christmas. When I was a child I got a lot of presents. Toys, clothes, candy etc. Of course, these are useful when you’re a kid. Even if we didn’t have all the money in the world, I still got them. Today when there’s a lot of unemployment, not all kids have the privilege to get presents. There’s always been poverty in the world. Unfortunately, people with money don’t even think there are people less fortunate than them. They just don’t think about it even if they should. There’s more selfishness in the world which is a sad thing. Especially at Christmas. There are a lot of lonely people who would like to get some company for a present. Christmas is about caring for other people. Material things don’t make a person happy. Instead of wasting time and energy looking for presents, why not give some love and affection instead?

If you really need to buy presents you should only buy one to your family members. If you have friends, only give presents to those closest to you. If you have e.g. 20 friends, think if you really need to give them anything. I don’t think anyone would buy presents to people they barely know. Unless they’re really wealthy.
There’s a lot of different ways to make other people happy. Even the smallest thing is good enough. Presents can be given without having to buy material things. You can give your time to a senior citizen. It doesn’t need to be anyone you know. The kindness of a stranger is the best present anyone can get. If you have friends with families, you can promise them to do something for them. Babysit their children so they can have a stress free day for example.
If you’re a couple how about taking them to a spa. Or maybe make one of their fantasies come true. It doesn’t even need to be sexual. Surprise him/her with something they didn’t expect you to do. Like, cook them a meal if you’re not a cook.
Presents can also be made by yourself. When I was younger I made a pincushion for my mother in school. It was a bit too small though but it was the thought that counted. Presents like that are priceless. You can’t buy creativity from a store.

What I would like for a Christmas is people to have respect for one another. It can’t be that difficult. There’s so much negativity in the world. All that has happened in the world this year needs to be stopped. Humans can’t behave like savages forever. We shouldn’t live in fear. Kids shouldn’t bully other kids. There shouldn’t be sexual harassment. Yes, some women do it too. People should be what they are without having to explain themselves to others. The world is not perfect and never will but someone needs to make it better. It should be Christmas every day where people care about each other. That would be the best Christmas present ever.


Never sated enough


No matter how much you tell yourself material things doesn’t matter, it actually does. Only if you live in poverty, you realise you can live without it. I just don’t want to be in that situation. I have never had lot of money nor my parents. I learned to save. I can thank mother for that. I only buy things that I actually need and can afford. But you never know when you don’t have money. Bad luck can strike anyone so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Recently I have spent too much money on material things and that concert ticket. But I’ve only bought things at discounts but that’s still not cheap. I never liked shopping in stores so online shops are heaven. I mostly buy music and movies. Sometimes t-shirts but that as far as clothes go. I rather buy them in stores than online. I still buy CD’s and DVD which I’m never sated enough of. I actually prefer watching movies from a disk. Earlier this year I bought a player where you can watch both Blu-ray and DVD’s. I don’t see the difference between them. I think they quality is the same. But that’s not the reason I buy Blu-ray. Because sometimes there are more extras in them than on DVD’s. They’re more expensive but not that much. Besides they always go on sale half price when the movies gets older.

Right now I got 62 DVD/Blu-ray altogether if you don’t count TV series and extended versions. That’s a whole other list. I’ve seen almost all expect the latest I bought recently. If you look at the list I made in IMDB, the 6 last items are new. Two of them are Swedish movies I watched when I was a kid. You can tell a lot about a person what kind of movies they watched. I have quite a lot of fantasy and action/drama movies because I’m always been fascinated by them since I was a child. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I have a good imagination. It’s not from books for sure since I don’t read them that much. I prefer movies. Some of the DVD’s I own are movies I’ve seen on the movie screen.

But then there are movies I’ve never seen but yet I bought them. Why you ask? The reason is the actor. I usually don’t choose movies to watch by looking who’s in it even if it helps. But this certain British actor, what words should describe it, melted my heart. No it’s not Benedict Cumberbatch even though I like him a lot too.
It’s Tom Hiddleston. I’ve never seen any movie he’s been in. No even Thor and those Marvel movies. The only thing I’ve seen him in The Night manager mini series. I wouldn’t say it was the greatest but not bad either. The reason why I watched it was because Hugh Laurie was in it. But Tom was a gorgeous bonus. Which he is. Actually he’s the inspiration to my poem Smokin’ hot. Don’t think I only go for his looks. I’m sure his acting skills are great too. I only have to watch these movies before I can judge. Honestly I didn’t even think much of him before until I saw the TV series. It takes a while for me to like something and when it does strike, there’s no turn back.

There are things money can’t buy. You don’t get sensible money spending until you learn the value of money. Only spend what you can afford. The problem begins when you loan money from the bank and you can’t pay it back. You can’t buy common sense and that’s the most important thing no matter what you do in your life. If you don’t have that, no wonder people have debts up to their necks. As long as I have money, I’m sated. With that thought. I won’t be buying anymore DVD’s or anything else for that matter in a long time. There are more important things to pay than material things.

Material girl

Material things doesn’t make you happy but material things are useful. Like my most-prized possession.

In 2008 I bought a Canon EOS D40 SLR camera. I wanted to take better pictures. I used to have a film camera but that broke down. It was more of an amateur camera anyway. A camera you take on holidays and stuff. I wanted a camera where I could take more professional photos. Even though I’ve had that camera this long, I still don’t really know how to take photos with it. Sometimes I lose hope that I will never get any good. Maybe the camera is still too difficult to handle. I try to take picture of movement but it always seem the become blurry. It irritates me that I still can’t do it. I just lose hope I want to give up.
I was on a cruise and there were this dance show. I got quite depressed I couldn’t take any decent photos of it. I thought, I better just shoot things that stay still. I was so disappointed. I’ve got this love/hate relationship with my camera. My brain tells me, ‘you can’t do anything with your camera. Just give up’ No matter what settings I try, nothing is working. No matter how many photography courses or advice online I find, it doesn’t seem to stay in my brain. I don’t want to take amateur photos to fill my photo archive. I want to take photos I can sell. That’s one of the reasons I applied to Helsinki Design School. To learn from people who knows about photography and the business itself. Learn from the best. I hope to get more analysed feedback and to learn new things.

My other most-prized possession is my bike. I bought that with my own money. I cycled since I was 3 so I’ve had a few bikes. This one was the first that I could call my own. You find it in this photo. I love cycling. Feeling the wind in my hair. It’s my convertible. Peddling really fast and then just enjoy the ride. I never drive in the winter but when spring arrives I take a bike ride somewhere. As the summer goes by I take longer trips. Since I don’t have a driver’s license, my bike is the only transportation I have. I’ve had a few accidents with it but it has never been serious. With a bike you can go almost anywhere. It’s also much faster than with a car. It’s good exercise as well.

The 3rd is my lap top. I planned for years to buy one. I’ve occupied my parents PC so it was a relief for them that I bought a lap top. Well, it’s actually my dad that bought it. But it’s still mine. I’ve had it almost 3 years. It feels like I’ve only got it a year or so. How time flies. People usually take their lap tops with them but I don’t. I’ve only used the battery a few times. I don’t even know where I put it. I don’t want to be too attached to gadgets. Like some people do. My lap top has Photoshop where I edit my photos. I have Windows 7. That’s much better than Windows 8 that looks like a mobile solution. It’s a computer and not an iPhone for crying out loud. My lap top is also the one where I write this blog.

So my most-prized possession are material things. Not all material things are bad. It just depends what you used them for.