NaBloPoMo15: Face your fears

Repost about fear.
By the way this is my #1000 post.

In my world

Face your fearI wrote about my fear for dogs over here and how managed to get over it. I’ve never been so scared in my life. Facing a fear like that takes years. Some never get over it. There are people who have been bitten by a dog. That’s even worse. Even if they face their fear, in the back of the head, there’s always the thought about the event. But if you let your fear get in the way of living your life, you’ll never get anything done.

People that have never felt fear, won’t understand how it is to be really scared. There was an episode in ‘Friends’ where Chandler is afraid of dogs. He said he didn’t like dogs because he was scared of them. But if you’re scared, it means you can’t even be in the same room. You panic and wants to get out of there…

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Solitude is worth repeating

boy sitting on a bench alone
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I wrote about solitude in 2014 so here is the post that’s still true to this day.

Solitude is not as bad as you think
Published on April 5, 2014

Decided to take part in this challenge. Sounds like fun. And I’m an introvert so it fits me perfectly.

Solitude is a much better word than lonely or loneliness. Lonely sounds like it’s a bad thing. Everybody needs solitude sometimes. Especially extroverts have problems being alone. I think they’ve been around people too much. If they would be alone at least a while, maybe they wouldn’t be so stressed.

I’ve never had problems with solitude. Maybe I’m just so used to being on my own. That’s much better than having too many people around. I need a place to think. Solitude should be my middle name. I live for it. Without it, I could not think. Even people looking over my shoulder makes me nervous. My solitude is taking my bike out and go for a ride. Luckily I live close to nature. There’s always a place where there’s no people around. Just hearing the birds sing is music for my ears.

Solitude is also in the mind. No one knows what you’re thinking until you say it out loud. Being an introvert has is advantages. You think before you speak. Extroverts should try it once in a while. Find your inner solitude. That will clear your mind and maybe you will learn to listen to others too.

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