Repost: My look on introvert myths

What’s something most people don’t understand?

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Here’s myths about introverts that I found on the internet. There’s a lot of myths about introverts out there. But being an introvert shouldn’t be seen as a problem. It’s not like we’re from another planet. Some of the answers to the myths I disagree with. There’s a lot more but these are 10 of the best. This is how I see them.

Introverts don’t like to talk
In a way that’s not true. I only talk when I have something to say. I don’t waste my time on talking nonsense. But talking is not my favorite thing. I just don’t like the sound of my voice. If you give me a subject I really like, don’t even imagine, stopping me. Me, quiet, no, I just think before I speak. That way I won’t say something stupid and hurt someone’s feeling. Confrontation is the worse thing I know. Especially around strangers.

Introverts are shy
I can be shy when it comes to people I don’t know. I do wonder if I’m really introverted or just shy. Obviously they are two different things. It depends in what kind of mood I’m in. I’m also a coward so maybe I’m a cowardly, introverted shy person.

Introverts are rude
Anyone can be rude and it has nothing to do with being an introvert. I try to be nice to people, if they’re nice to me. If they’re not, they can see another thing coming.

Introverts don’t like people
Sometimes that’s true. I do like people but most of the time they’re annoying. I would rather talk to a pet (if I wasn’t afraid of them that is) or to a plant than to people. I just hate repeating myself. Maybe people have wax in their ears or I talk too fast so they don’t hear what I’m saying.

Introverts don’t like to go out in public
How am I suppose to buy food if I don’t go out in public? I’m not afraid of the outdoors. You have to go out sometime to get some fresh air. Seeing other people is good for the mental health as well. You don’t have to interact with them if you don’t want to.

Introverts always want to be alone
Maybe that’s the reason the reason I don’t have any friends. People think that I always want to be alone. I do but sometimes I wish there would be someone to talk to. Even one. I don’t need a lot of friends to keep me happy.

Introverts are weird
Weird are the people who think introverts are weird. Even extroverts can be weird. Being weird makes other people look too ordinary. What a boring place the world would be if no one was weird.

Introverts don’t know how to relax and have fun
How can you relax when extroverts are trying to change your personality. And partying and drinking is not the only way to have fun. People just seem to have no imagination when it comes to ways to have fun.

Introverts can fix themselves and become Extroverts
Or the other way around. Introversion is not a decease, it’s a personality. Some might become more extrovert when they get older but still be introverts. I’ve tried to be extrovert but it just feels unnatural. It’s just not me. I don’t think extroverts are really honest with themselves. There lives an introvert in all of us. If everyone were extroverts there would be no solitude or silence anywhere.

Introvert prefer books to partying
Me, reading a book? Don’t make me laugh 😀 I’ve tried to read Lord of the rings twice but I failed miserably. I rather stay home and watch TV than read a book. Beside I’ve never even been invited to a party. If I did I would say no because the reason people party is the get drunk. At least in Finland. Besides I don’t like alcohol and drunk people. Once a homebody, always a homebody.

In the end we’re all the same. It doesn’t matter what star sign you are or what country you live in. Everybody should be proud of who they are. Why should we label people in the first place? It’s much easier to accept differences than trying to change a person.
I’m proud to be introverted because I know when to shut up 😉

Originally Published on JANUARY 10, 2015

Repost: My life is not an open book

Originally published on January 27, 2017

male hands holding an open book
©️Mia Salminen

What you see is what you get, doesn’t really apply to me. I have a filter that protects me from prying eyes. It’s not that I want to hide the real me from others but I’m an introvert and we’re careful. I’ve also learned to be careful from past experiences. At home I can be myself but in public, I’m reserved. I have thoughts some might not understand. My life is not an open book and I want to keep it private. If I open up to a person, it’s someone I trust. The only one who knows the real me, is myself. Not even my parents knew. They only knew what I was when I was younger. I’ve never told them I write this blog for example. Some things you just want to keep to yourself. You need to do it. If I told everyone everything about myself, the mystery would be lost. That’s what life should be about. If you know everything about a person then there’s no surprises. What kind of life would it be?

People post about what they do on social media. Some keep updating things they’re doing at that moment. Who they talk to and where they are. I find that boring. I don’t care what you ate, if you took a shower, baked a cake or went to a birthday party. I don’t care about what your friends are doing or who they got engaged to. That’s what I keep seeing on Facebook. On Twitter I have ‘only’ 6125 tweets in 7 years I’ve been there. I don’t tweet nonsense. From time to time I do post things I do but that’s not regularly like most people do. I’m not trying to make a world record of tweets. When I have something important to say, I tweet it. I also hate selfies. Every time someone post one, I totally ignore it. Especially celebrities. Like they weren’t enough in the public eye already. If I want to see photos of them, I look for real photos taken by pros. Since camera phones were invented people think they’re all photographers.

Everyone seems to want to be like everybody else. I don’t want to be like everyone. I have a natural filter and know what to tell about myself online. If you read my about page, you know why I don’t post private things. Everybody seems to write about that. I dare to be different. Even though I have Instagram, I don’t post there much. To be honest, I find it a bit boring. It’s just isn’t my thing. I was excited at first when I could finally join last year but now I’m not that much. I follow 14 different one’s and that’s fine. For example I follow @cutepetclub because there’s so many cuties in it. Pets that is. I like looking at other people’s posts but when it comes to posting myself, I’m not that keen anymore. Sometimes I just scroll without looking because let’s face it, what people post there is boring.

I don’t have the urge to get people’s attention and that’s the same in real life. One on one conversations is good enough for me. I get really uncomfortable if someone looks at me. I wouldn’t make Youtube videos because I feel uneasy in front of a camera. It was different when I was a kid. I was cute then. I leave those things to others. I don’t go after things because they’re popular. I’m not the victim of commercials. It’s easy to judge someone by the first impression but I’m more than what people see when they meet me. People give up too easily when they do. That’s one of the reasons I find it hard to meet new people. It’s really their loss and not mine. I’m proud of who I am and if I were someone else, I would be my friend. I always say I’m my own best friend because who knows me best than myself.

Bloganuary: Repost: Dream jobs as a child


When you’re a child you have these dreams about what you want to be when you grow up. Maybe some does make those dreams come true. Someone wants to become a doctor or a police man. They already know what they want to be at a very young age. Others only have dreams what they want to become but when they get older, they got other interests.

I’ve had dreams what kind a job I wanted to do. When I was 6 I wanted to become a baker. I helped mother in the kitchen. We made gingerbread at Christmas. Then there were times when we made buns or cookies. Just baking in general was fun. But when I got older, it wasn’t much fun anymore. Not to mention early mornings. I’m definitely not a morning person. Bakers needs to get up early and baking in general is too much work. Baking once in a while is nice but to do it as a living is not.

Once I had a small thought about owning a candy store. Eat candy all day. But it’s nothing like that. You are supposed to sell them to other people, not eat them yourself 😀 That was just a thought. But a nice one. I don’t think there are many candy stores anymore. At least not here. People rather buy candy from grocery stores and other stores.

When I became a teenager, I wanted to become a singer. We used to sing at home a lot when I was a  child. I thought I was good. When I listened to old tapes, I realised I didn’t. At least not as good as a singer should be. I’ve always sing along to tunes but that’s as far it goes. I’m not that much into performing either. Even though I’ve been on stage in school plays and such.

When it comes today, I still don’t know what I want to be. But that’s another story for another day.

(Day 2 of NaBloPoMo)

Originally published on November 3, 2015