From pencil to paper to computer

paper and lap topI used to write with a pencil and paper. I got my ideas written down easier. But recently I haven’t written anything on a paper first. Maybe I’m getting lazy but also because I find it easier to write on a computer. With a pen you get a sore wrist and papers pile up. Used paper that is. I never write on fresh ones. Writing on the computer is faster and you can edit errors immediately. Writing with a pencil you have to use an eraser and that produces a lot of junk from it. My latest fan fictions were written on the computer. It saves a lot of time and paper.

A lot of things are on the computer these days. You can pay your bills online. Contact the authorities. You can ever order your passport through the internet. When you go to a photographer to take your photo for the passport, they send it straight to the police station. There’s no need to print them on paper anymore. Even if a lot of things have been digitised, there’s still need for prints. It’s much easier to read long documents from a paper. My eyes get too tired if I read too long stories on the computer. People who read books from a printed version even prefer it that way. Holding the real thing in your hand is much more satisfying. I still read the newspaper. Well look through it and read if there are things that interest me. I prefer that better than online even if I do that too.

There are good things about paper but also not so good. A lot of trees had been torn down to make paper through decades. But it has also served people. Fortunately, humans have found a way to recycle paper to make new ones. Technology might have taken over but there’s always a need for paper. If it didn’t exist graphic designers and artists couldn’t do their work. Authors need paper to get their books printed for people to read them. Reading is good for you and doing that from a paper is so much easier. I’m still gonna use paper from time to time because without that I would forget how to use a pencil. It’s easier to plan when you have them in hand. No computer can never replace them completely.





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