Imaginary love


Imaginary love

You look at me and I look at you

I can see the love in your eyes

You hold my hand and there’s no need for words

I love you and you love me

Then I wake up to realise it’s only an imaginary love

You don’t even know I exist

They say I can find love too but I don’t want to

I want it to be you but it’s just an imaginary love

I see lovers walk hand in hand and I want that too

You’re only a dream that I know I can’t have

I wish you knew how I feel but that wouldn’t change a thing

A dream is better than reality and things will never be real

It’s an imaginary love and that’s only what it can be

Every person I meet I compare them with you

But no one can ever take your place

I rather be alone than go through heartache

I wish someone could make me feel like you do

But that will never happen because you’re you

An imaginary love is better than nothing