10 things I’ve never done

  1. Been on an airplane
    I’ve never travelled by plane even if I’m over 30. Yes really. When I’ve travelled it’s always by ship, car or train. I don’t know if I would feel nervous if I travelled by plane.

  2. Been outside Europe
    I don’t think I’ve never even dreamed about travelling to USA. It just doesn’t interest me. Sounds like an interesting place but that’s the last country I would plan to visit. The same with Asia or Africa. Everybody seems to want to go there. Even Tallinn, which is closer to my country. But I don’t. I want to be different. I want to go to a place that isn’t popular. And I don’t mean somewhere in the jungle or places that you can get lost into. It should be a clean and safe country. A country like New Zealand. Since I saw Lord of the rings, I wanted to see it. It’s quite expensive to travel there so I might never get the chance.

  3. Having an unhealthy habit
    I’ve never smoked, never even tried. I don’t have to try it. I can’t stand the smell anyway. Smokers irritate me. They destroy the air and throw their crap everywhere. You can’t walk anywhere in peace. I feel sorry for those who are addicted to this disgusting habit. Life without smoking is so much better, try it.
    I don’t like alcohol so I’ve never been drunk. What’s the point in that anyway? What’s so fun having a hangover the next day? That’s not something to brag about, is it? Being drunk is not cool at all. I’ve seen it so many times and it spoils all the fun.

  4. Been to a wedding or Christening
    I don’t know anyone that has gone married or got any kids. I have no contact with relatives either. I wouldn’t know what to wear. I’m not that into social gatherings anyway.

  5. Ridden a horse
    I had a chance to ride a pony when I was a kid but I’ve been too scared to do it. Horses are big too. I don’t think I’ll never do it.

  6. Been on a motorcycle or moped
    The same with this. Been asked once but I said no. I’m such a coward. I don’t like the helmets either.

  7. Been camping
    I’ve been in a tent. We used to have one. I remember it was orange. My parents had it with them when they went camping to Europe when they were young. I never slept out doors and I wouldn’t either. City girl forever.

  8. Rowing a boat or a canoe
    I could have done that when I was in summer camp but I always thought it was too close to the water. Deep waters scare me too.

  9. Swam in the sea
    Even as a kid I dreaded to even stand in the water. Always thought the sea weed was disgusting. I’ve never wanted to touch it.

  10. Eaten seafood
    The only sea food I’ve eaten is fish. I never wanted to taste shrimp or any of those things. I’ve tasted sushi once but I didn’t like it.