My year in blogging (part 1)

Year 2014 is soon coming to an end. It’s time to recap. I went through every post and boy were there many. I had a few post in 2013 but it was only this year I started to write more. I had a few spelling errors but they were minor so nobody noticed. Here is my countdown in short.

It started on January 1. I wanted a fresh start after my mother died. Blogging was one of them. Zero to Hero challenge was a good start. That helped a lot and taught me about blogging. It got my blog “out there” I also got a OMG moment. I never knew my family would share a birthday with so many actors. Especially with Lee Pace. So proud of that 😀
I took part in Weekly Writing challenge (still do) I wrote “In the mind of a dolphin killer” Inspired by the dolphin and small whale slaughtering in Taiji which still goes on.
45 posts

It was the Winter Olympics month. Finland won bronze in ice hockey. The ladies got silver in cross-country skiing and men won gold. After the Zero and Hero challenge was over, it felt like blogging wouldn’t be so much fun. But I still kept going. I wrote about Sherlock and the actors who’s played him. Then Finland went crazy because Benedict Cumberbatch was seen in the country.
20 posts

I wrote about introversion. Wrote my first fanfiction based on movie/book character. The Oscars were a farce. Some movie called Gravity won most of it and American Hustle won none. Good thing was that I got more followers. I also wrote what I found humorous.
18 posts

Blogging 201 and IBQ Writing Prompt but the latter wasn’t very long. I did write the 100th post on my blog. But still I didn’t get that many comments. I bought The Hobbit book to read it the 2nd time. Nothing beats a DVD of The Desolation of Smaugh though.
29 posts

It was my first Mother’s Day without mother. The series 24: Live another day finally arrived on Finnish TV so that was a great comfort. Finland also won silver in Men’s Ice hockey world championship. I also got accepted to the photography school I applied to.
15 posts

Stay tunes for part 2.