It’s so easy to judge others

judge me not

The first impression is important, they say. I make a very bad first impression. When I meet new people the first time, I’m definitely not showing the real me. For others it might seem I’m like that all the time. Quiet and reserved. I’m like a box of chocolate, you never know what you get when you meet me the 2nd time. I’m like most Finns, I hate small talk. I think that’s the reason I don’t get friends easily. Or  jobs. It’s so easy to judge someone you don’t know. The first impression thing somehow annoy me. When I was an intern in a local newspaper for two weeks (which is laughable) they said I wasn’t extroverted enough for the job. You don’t get to know me in two week’s so how would they know. I can be extroverted if there’s a good reason to be.

When I started in Helsinki Design School I didn’t make a good first impression. Now that many fellow students talk to me. Unless it’s group work. Even then I’m the one who has to say something. I don’t know if it was the first impression that had anything to do with it. Maybe it’s a Finnish thing. People only talk to you if they know you. If we met more often, they would probably be more open. Soon the school is over so I don’t feel I have a need to get to know them better anyway. We also live in a different city.

Internet is a place where all the judgemental people meet. It’s so easy to judge others behind their screen names. They would never dare to say them out loud in real life. Online you can write anything you want. Bash celebs with all your heart’s content. Forums are the worst. Forums like on IMDB. Especially in The Blacklist forum. Day and night these small brained people bash Megan Boone. I don’t know if the forum is made for Boone haters or The Blacklist fans. Even the so-called fans of the show bash it. I don’t know any other place where they write negative things. I don’t bother posting there. Why would I waste my time on people with small brains cells anyway? I hope Megan won’t ever see it. I don’t even understand how these haters think she’s a bad actress. I don’t think they even know the difference between a good or a bad one. Maybe their just jealous because they are not as talented as she is. They probably judge others in real life too. Hater usually have personal issues and have the need to be negative all the time.

Then there’s judging someone by their age. Some employers think someone in their 50’s are too tired to work. Or teenagers are not experienced enough. How would they get experience when no one offers them jobs? Employers look too deep into age. They see an applicant that has all the qualities for the job but then their see their age. “Oops, sorry can’t have that. Let get someone younger who’s crap at what they do” I have no experience of age discrimination. Not yet but that can happened one day.