Oh look, a new layout

Probabaly a boring subject to blog about. But as I like changes, I changed this blogs layout. It’s The Nucleare Theme. I only use free themes since I don’t own a credit card. The free one’s are good enough. I also never know how long I keep the same theme so there’s no point paying for one.

I prefer this new layout to the last one. Here you can see what has been written instead of clicking on a link and then read it. This one is much clearer as well.

I went through a lot of different themes. But none of them suited the banner I made. It took quite a long time to make so I didn’t want to change it. Besides I still like it.

I don’t know how much people look at the layouts on blogs in general. I don’t really care anyway. It’s much nicer to look at my blog if the layout is good. Layouts are like blog posts. I write for myself and if someone else likes what I do, that’s just a bonus.




10 facts about me


Lack of motivations to blog, I made a list about me. I usually don’t write personal things but this is an exception. Feel free to ask incase I didn’t make myself clear.

  1. I’m single (and I’m happy about that)
  2. My mother tongue is Swedish (Finland is a bilingual country)
  3. I’m bad at Math (hated the subject in school)
  4. I get bored easily (even this blog is boring me right now)
  5. I never had a real job (only internships)
  6. I’m indecisive (I still don’t know what I want to be)
  7. I have a celebrity twin (are born the same year and day)
  8. I have a thing for eyes (doesn’t matter what color)
  9. I’m lazy (I need a lot of encouragement to do things)
  10. I’m stubborn (it’s both a blessing and a curse)