Only 2 days left

I probably won’t have much use of this photography course in Helsinki Design School when it comes to jobs. But at least I’ve done something. It was fun meeting nice people but after this is done, I probably won’t see them again. I haven’t got any new friends. Most of them live in Helsinki anyway.
There were a few disappointments. The school promised things but they didn’t come true. It wasn’t a waste of money though. I did learn new things. Like how to work in a studio. I used to study photography in 2001 but I never got that far. We also had film developing and taking photos with a film camera. I still prefer digital film. It’s much easier. There’s no need to use chemicals and stuff like that. That was the part that I didn’t like and still don’t.

So when this school is over there’s nothing to do. In a way I will miss travelling to Helsinki and back. Also my class mates even if I never got to know them. They made the studying very pleasant. You could be yourself there. That’s something I haven’t experienced a lot. If the meetings would have been more frequent than maybe things would have been different. But since it was only two days (3 a few times) in a month, it was more difficult to get to know them. But still we had some fun times. A lot of laughs which studying more interesting.

So the last meeting is this Friday and Saturday. We’ll see if I get a diploma or not. I didn’t miss a day and I did all the assignments. That I know of. I’m still not sure. It would suck if I don’t get it. The course took almost a year and then if they say there’s one assignment I didn’t do, I would be really upset. I don’t think that diploma will get me anywhere but still it would make me feel I did achieve something.