If I could I would

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Practice Makes Perfect?.”

If I had a talent I don’t have, it would be a talent where I can draw. Both of my parents were much better at it then me. I think it skipped a generation. I can’t draw at all. When I studied graphic design, drawing and painting was the worse thing I knew. Even if I liked doing that when I was a kid, I’m not very keen on it anymore. I just can’t get things on a paper. If I could draw I could have a job or make some kind of living out of it. You know illustrations and things like that.

There are amazing artists out there. I have an online friend that can draw really well. She draws a lot of motor sport drivers. She’s really good. She even got drivers she’s drawn to like them on social media. She studies graphic design and she will go a long way with her talent. I wish I could draw like that.

But I have no talent and no faith of learning to draw. The same with dancing. I can do it in my head but when I try to for real, it becomes a mess. I just stick to photography. That’s some kind of artistic talent I guess. At least I’m better at that then drawing.