One Line Sunday- Arrogant neighbour

The arrogant neighbor above my flat who rattled and talked loudly this weekend at 5 am with their friends, should take a course where they teach people how to behave in a apartment building.

4 thoughts on “One Line Sunday- Arrogant neighbour

  1. I once lived below a bouncer who didnt finish work until 4am most days. He would come home (more often than not with some drunk floosy) and spend the next two hours getting wasted. The first time he did it I sent The Turk up to have a go at him. The Turk came back (all 5ft 10) and said “This guys twice my height! Forget about it!!!”

    I got my revenge when Daughter started playing clarinet – every day between 7-9!


    1. Some people have no respect for other people.Especially if you live in a flat.I’ve heard stories about other people’s neighbors and comparing to theirs,my neighbors are pussycats.In a way I’ve been lucky even though there used to live very noisy people in my building.Students and their loud parties.Luckily they moved away 🙂


  2. Don’t get mad. Get even. My arrogant neighbors across the street were playing salsa music at an incredibly uncomfortable noise level of extreme loudness. I opened my windows and played my French music back at an incredibly uncomfortable noise level of extreme loudness. It worked!


    1. I don’t think that will help in my case.If they keep on disturbing like they did this weekend, I can tell the building manager about it.The place I live in used to be much worse. These one’s at least didn’t play music out loud. I really hope they won’t make a habit of it.


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