Being a tourist for once

onthemoveI don’t travel much since I don’t have that kind of money. If I do travel it’s been paid by someone else. I’m the kind of tourist who prefers company with someone I know which in my case it’s a family member. The travels are usually package tours since that’s the easiest way. I would be too scared to be in a strange country where you have to find things by yourself.

Me and my dad is going to Saint Petersburg in Russia next week by ship. It’s two nights on the ship and two nights in a hotel. The trip has been my dad’s dream for a few years and we’re finally doing it. There are great places to photograph. I’m quite excited to be honest. We’re going to a city tour and to the Hermitage Museum. Not inside it though. The whole tour takes 6 hours with an hour break. We’re gonna stay in a 4 star hotel so it’s quite fancy. Apparently it’s popular among famous musicians and actors when they stay in the city.
The next day you can get to know the city independently. Since there’s already been a tour the day before, it’s easier to move around. At least in Riga center you could. Saint Petersburg can be different since it’s a bigger one. I hope we won’t get lost. I only know a few words of Russian (like hello and goodbye) and their letters are special so it might be difficult to understand what the street signs say. Not forgetting the menus. I’m picky when it comes to food so I hope I won’t get offered something I find disgusting.

Since I’m not a tourist that often, I’m gonna make most of this trip. Of course I’m also gonna blog about it and post photos when I get back. Let’s hope the trip goes well and I get home safely. That’s what every tourist wishes, don’t they?