So familiar but yet so foreign


They say you’re never ready, there’s always something new to learn. Something can be so familiar but yet so foreign.

I love learning new things. If they stay in my head is a different matter. I don’t know how many times I tried to learn something but then forgot all about it later. Especially in learning languages. Being bilingual is a bit confusing sometimes. Some words I know what they are in Finnish but then when I try to remember what they are in Swedish, I have to look it up. Or then it’s the other way around. If that wasn’t enough, the same occurs with English. But then I go to an online translator to find the word. That happens quite a lot when I write this blog. If I don’t find the word I’m looking for I usually write things differently or skip it altogether.

Some things you learn by doing them over and over again. But my problem with that is keeping the motivation up. It’s an everyday struggle but I work on it. I don’t think I ever get good at anything since I like a lot of different things. It’s the same with taste in music or movie genres. I like changes. I do things if it feels right at that moment. I never seem to learn by reading. Maybe I’m slow but I rather listen to someone talking about a subject or showing me how to do things. I lose interest quickly if it’s something I find boring. I’m not really good at this self-taught thing. That’s the reason why I’ve gone to school to learn things.

Practice makes perfect the saying goes but I prefer practice makes you better. No one is perfect because if we were, we would all be robots. Foreign things make us familiar but familiar also makes us foreign to things. If we all knew everything at once, there would be nothing left to learn.