No more The Daily Post

end button on keyboard

So this is it then. Nothing lasts forever and so doesn’t The Daily Post. Let’s take a moment of a retrospective time that has passed. It’s gonna feel so empty when there won’t be any new daily prompt nor any of that anymore. I’ve read a few post and comments on other blogs saying it’s WordPress who ends The Daily Post. That’s not the case, right? It’s a decision The Daily Post made and not WordPress. Maybe I just confused things. They have become the same to me. Whatever the reason, it will be different from now on. At least they will have the archive online. But yet it won’t be the same. It might feel really sad and all that but we will get used to it. We need to find another way to post daily. The world is full of ideas. The daily prompt was a big help to get post ideas. They even taught me English words I didn’t even know existed. Now when that’s gone, I don’t think I can find new English words I don’t know as easy as it was with The daily prompt. Not forgetting the other challengers.

Before I started with the daily prompt, I did the weekly writing challenge. When that ended, I should have seen it was the beginning of the end. But no one can predict the future. Life is about survival. Things come and go. We might feel sad and depressed about it but life must go on one way or another. Everything can’t be the way we want it to be. Life is full of disappointments but we have to accept them. Some things you just can’t do anything about. One is trying to change a person’s mind. In this case The daily post. They made a decision to end it and we should live with that decision. There is life after this. We can always go back to old daily prompt. That’s what I’m gonna do. Maybe even use the same words. I’m probably repeating myself since I wrote about this already but I say it again.

I can’t thank you enough The Daily Post Crew for all that you have done for us bloggers. You’ve been a great teacher and I wish you all the best for the future. This might be the last end for you but for us, the journey continues. Last but not least. Sharing really is caring and it’s all because of the greatness you shared with us. Three big cheers for The Daily Post! 🙌 🙌 🙌

Thank you The Daily Post

goodbye the daily post

So that’s it then, no more The Daily Post. It’s really sad to let them go. They won’t entirely go away but there won’t be any more new Daily Prompt and no weekly photo challenges either. Those two I used the most. They’re the reason why I got my blog out there. Now when that will be gone, it won’t be the same. I will find inspiration but I don’t know if people will find my posts. Not forgetting getting new followers. My most liked and viewed posts are through the prompts. The Daily Post taught me about blogging. Like the Zero to Hero challenge. That was in 2014. It feels such a long time ago and it has gone really fast. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have continued with blogging. The Daily Post is gonna be like an archaic castle. People will remember the old times and they will pay a visit to remember the glory days.

So what now then? After a bit of a shock, life must continue. We can still go back to old prompts. Of course, it’s not the same. It’s like when you graduate from school and so far you have got help from the teachers whenever you needed support. Now when school is over, you have to go it alone. It’s scary to leave a place that is so comfortable. But you just have to make it alone somehow. The daily prompt wasn’t only about writing a blog post. It was also learning new English words. Like today’s word. I don’t know where I can get to know about English words the way I did with The Daily Post. Every day I couldn’t wait to see what the day’s word would be. Now I don’t have anything to look forward to when it comes to blogging. It will be a sad day on May 31. It will feel empty for a while but you get over it. The show must go on and it’s time for another adventure.

Goodbye is the hardest thing. But thank you for everything The Daily Post. You gave inspiration to many and we’ll always be grateful for that. We’ll miss your new challenges. It’s not really over because you still will be online despite not posting new things. We’ll continue our blogging journey from here. So thank you again. Here’s for the future 🍾