5 things I can’t live without


It’s always been part of my life. Without music life would be boring. I’m more of a listener then a player. When I was 6 years old I took electric organ lessons. Or it was a lesson. I didn’t like it that much. My parents even bought me a electric organ for Christmas. I was too lazy to practise I guess. When I got older, I’ve learned to play it. Only with one hand though. I’ve learned some notes on my own. Easy ones. In school I played the recorder. The same with that, too lazy to practise. I only took it up again when I got older. Like I said, I’m more of a listener. I listen to all kinds of music. Except heavy metal or jazz. I don’t like noisy music. Like techno music. I’m mostly into pop and rock music. My favourite bands are Duran Duran and Bon Jovi. My favorite artists are Madonna and Michael Jackson (rest his soul) I could write a whole blog about bands and artists I like. For me music is a way of escaping from reality.

My bike

I don’t have a drivers license or do I like using public transport either. I have a city bike. With a bike you can go almost anywhere. It’s only in the winter I don’t use it. Sometimes I do short bike rides. Luckily I live in a city where nature is near by. I wish people with cars would have more respect for cyclists. Unfortunately there are also cyclists that have no respect for other traffic. They drive like headless hen. So no wonder accidents happen. I always drive carefully.


I could never live in a big city. Too much traffic and too many people. For Finns nature has always been a big part. Finland is one of the few places in the world where forests and fresh air still exist. It’s peaceful to walk around in the forest, listen to birds sing, hearing the wind. Takes out all the stress. Unfortunately not everyone have respect for nature. They leave their trash behind them. Scream on the top of their lungs and who knows what. Nature should not be taken for granted. Nothing is more important than clean surroundings and fresh air.


It might be bad for your health but sometimes you need something sweet. My favourite is chocolate and salmiakki. Not together though. Finnish chocolate is the best. I eat chocolate as it is or put it on ice cream. The only candy/sweet I don’t like is mint and marmalade.


Laughter is the best remedy, they say. And it’s all true. When I feel down I watch comedy but also when I’m happy. I especially love British humour. The Fast show, A bit of Fry and Laurie, Father Ted, Keeping up appearance and Allo Allo. Just to name a few. I also like American humour. Like Friends, Frasier and The big bang theory. My all time favourite comedian is Jim Carrey. Such a talented actor. He can do serious characters as well. I love films with humour in it. I can laugh at almost anything. It’s not about what is said, it’s how it’s said.

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