My blog anniversary


It was 8 years ago when I signed in to WordPress. But blogging only started for real since my mother died in 2013. I had a blog called ‘Not one of the gals’ but that was so long ago I don’t remember much about that time. There was a mention about it on my FB. That blog didn’t go anywhere so deleted it. I also had a fan fiction blog about Formula One but I don’t write that stuff anymore. So that was deleted as well.

So this anniversary is about when I signed to WordPress, not how long I’ve had this blog. This only turned 2 years old in March. Still feels much longer. That sounds like this blog is a person. But since I don’t have any kids and never will have any, this is my baby. Except that I don’t have to feed it, go out and play or whatever you do with kids. It doesn’t even have a name. Which reminds me, maybe I should call it something. Or maybe it’s just weird to name a blog with a human name 🙂