An open letter to Duran Duran


I must confess, I wasn’t a fan of you until “All that you need is now” in 2010. Of course I liked your music in the 80’s but that was just randomly. I don’t remember much about that time when it comes to music. I do remember my mother taped songs from the radio on a cassette and one of them were “A view to kill” But I didn’t know it was you until years later. Maybe the first song I heard was “Rio” But it could also be “Union of the snake” or “Hungry like the wolf” I know “Rio” was the first video I saw. We got cable in 1987 which opened a lot of great things. Like music videos. Those short films like you also have done. “Girls on film” was even banned on MTV. Today, when you think about it, it was kind of silly. They show even worse videos these day. Why your video “Girl Panic!” was banned, is beyond me. But thanks to Youtube, fans can watch it there instead. Ha, ha in your face, MTV. I’ve seen every music video you made. I have the DVD of Greatest album. I’ve seen those videos a lot.

Let’s go back to 2010. I only heard your singles (I especially love “Save a prayer” and “Skin trade”) before so I started to search for your older songs on the internet. Even those rare ones. It makes me wonder why I hadn’t done it before. Your music is absolutely amazing. Your songs might not reach to number one. But all that matters is that the fans won’t abandon you. I couldn’t resist buying every studio album I could find. The only albums I haven’t found is ‘Medazzaland’ and ‘Pop Trash’ I can’t buy them online since I don’t own a credit card. Nothing is better than holding a real CD in your hand. Listening to songs online is not the same.
I think ‘Astronaut’ is one of your best one’s. It’s great that you still can produce great music. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to “All you need is now” All the songs are great to sing to. I especially love “Too bad you’re beautiful” I learned the words before I found lyrics to it. There were a few words that I missed though. Since English is not my first language, I was quite proud of myself for learning that song.

DD ticket
The concert that never happened

When I heard you would come on tour to Finland I was so excited. I’ve never been to a concert in my life. I don’t like big crowds and I could never afford to go to one. But since I’ve seen the video to “The Reflex” I wanted to see you live. But then when you had to cancel the whole tour because of Simon’s voice, I was really disappointed. The concert would have been excellent. I have the ‘Diamond in the mind’ concert DVD which is the closest I could get. It just wasn’t meant to be. But if you ever come to Finland, I’m so gonna go. No matter what it costs. I don’t do bucket lists but if I had one, seeing you live would be one of them.

My least favorite song has been ‘The Chauffeur’ but after listening to it a lot of times, I actually started to like it. That’s what makes your music so brilliant. It’s gets better with age. I’ve listen to your songs so many times, I only have to hear the first sounds before I already know what it is. I love every song you ever recorded. Not forgetting those great cover versions. I have a lot of favorite bands but nothing compares to you.

I started to write this letter over a year ago. It’s only now I’ve finished it. Lot of things has happened since then. But one thing that will never change, your ability to make great songs will never stop surprising me. The first time I heard ‘Pressure off’ I fell in love with it. I’ve listened to it a lot of time and I’m still not bored of it. I really look forward to ‘Paper Gods’ I already pre-ordered the deluxe version because I know it’s gonna be good. Amazing, it’s your 14th studio album already. How time flies when you’re having fun. I’m sure you never thought in 1978, that Duran Duran would still be around in 2015. That’s something that doesn’t happen everyday. You’re living proof that no matter what drama happens in a band, you should never give up.

You made such an impact on people’s lives. Me included. Especially after a personal loss of mine, my mother who past away in 2013 to cancer. Without your music I wouldn’t have coped with my sorrow the way I did. You did not kill me with your silence. You resurrected me with your sounds.

You might never read this letter but I’ll do this anyway.

Thank you,

Simon Le Bon
John Taylor
Roger Taylor
Nick Rhodes

You’re the greatest and please never stop making great music. Without you the world would be a dull place.