Saving for the future

nest of eggsAlways have a backup plan. Saving for the future. So if things get tough, there’s always some money to live on. What I learned from my mother was how to save money and to build that nest. I know the value of money and I only spend what I can afford. I don’t buy things I don’t really need. I don’t drink and I don’t smoke so I save a lot. Since I was a child I’ve had different savings accounts. Even if you have a family to support, it’s always good to have a backup plan when it comes to finances. I also save money when I make my own meals. Buying things on sale is good too.

It’s easier to save money when you don’t have a regular income. You can’t spend on expensive things. You can’t travel as much as you like.  Sometimes it would be nice to see places but the money is always the problem. It would be good to have a goal when it comes to saving money. There are gremlins creeping up in your mind when you can start spending money on something you can’t really afford. When I get that feeling, I try to think if I really need it. I think about all the negative things and then that spending money goes away. Money doesn’t grow on trees and you need to do something to earn it. When you don’t have enough of money, you learn to save it.

When I was a child I didn’t get pocket money every week. I had to do chores if I wanted money. I never had to ask for it either. Some parents give money to their children even if they don’t have to do anything at home. You never learn saving if you get anything for free. The value of money is learned from a young age. You should never take it for granted. You might have money now but it can disappear as fast as they come. Saving for the future will save a person from a lot of trouble. It doesn’t need to be a big sum that you put in a savings account. Investing your money will grow in interest and you feel more secure in your finances. The worst feeling is not having money at all. In the end, all the money you need is for food and shelter. The rest is just a bonus.

(these are not actually financial tips, it’s just an experience of mine)