zig zag art


My feelings for you change like an undulate

One day I hate you, the next time love

It’s a rollercoaster of emotions

I hate feeling this way

I try to avoid you but you’re everywhere

Life would be easier if things were different

You would be here and I could show what I feel

But you would never feel the way I do

Sometimes I wish I never looked at you

If you only knew how crazy I am about you

This undulate in my heart is trembling inside

I try to get you out of my mind but I fail

I want to see you as a friend but I want more

You have spoiled my life and you don’t even know it

Things can never be the same again and I blame you

I can’t even despise you completely

No one is perfect but you almost are

I don’t even know if you’re real but I know how I feel

It will go away but for now, I have to go with the undulate