Frigid cold post

frigid small snow manBlogging hasn’t been on my agenda since Sunday. But there is a reason for that. Studying about entrepreneurship for starters. Then I’ve been too tired to think about what to write. Maybe that’s frigid cold attitude to some people but that’s life. It doesn’t involve blogging all day. I do have a life outside the blogosphere. I’m not those who walk around with their mobiles in front of their faces. I don’t even have a phone like that. I don’t have the urge to make a big deal of myself. That goes with blogging and everything else I do.

There is a lot of self-centred bastards in the world and there are a lot of those online. On the internet, you can ignore them but when they live in your building, there’s no way out. It’s usually students who can’t be quiet when their friends visit them. Party is all they seem to do. I wonder when do they study. At least they don’t do it every night. Some people might have neighbours like that though. When they have parties they usually leave after midnight or so. They are not the worse. It’s those bloody smokers who stand in front of doors or stand on their balconies with their cancer sticks in their gobs. I feel really sorry for them for having an addiction like that. Some even wake up in the middle of the night to practice their disgusting habits. I call them tar legs because they never seem to walk anywhere. I guess it affects their vision too because they put the light on even if the sun is shining outside. Or maybe they stare at their mobiles all the time so their eyesight is that bad. All I’m gonna say, get help. Or just get cancer. That’s so much fun to have. Their choice. I stay away from people like that.

Sometimes humans sicken me. It feels like I’m with stupid. But only sometimes. There’s always one who doesn’t care about anything. Luckily you have a choice what kind of people you let into your life. Especially when you’re an adult. Life is not high school where you’re forced to spend time with idiots. They are like tumours. If you don’t get rid of them, it will make things worse. When it comes to strangers, then it’s much easier not to get involved with them in the first place. If someone thought this was a frigid cold post, this was tame compared what really goes inside my head. But those thoughts I keep to myself because I don’t attentionally want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

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