Adult but yet so inchoate

ball pool

Remember when you were a child, you couldn’t wait to become an adult? What were we thinking? Being an adult is not as awesome as you think. OK, you’re allowed to do more things when you were a child. But when you’re an adult, you have responsibilities. Paying taxes, searching for a job etc. As a child, you don’t know anything about it. You just want to play with your friends and stay away from the opposite sex. You’re allowed to be inchoate and no one thinks you’re weird for being so.

When you get older, you forget how to play. It’s like adults are worried too much about what others might think. Even if they have kids, they still don’t take part in their games. You walk pass a day-care centre and see the teachers just standing in the yard while the kids play. My first ever internship was in one and I played with the kids. That’s what was the most fun. You’re never too old to play. It doesn’t matter what others might think. Maybe they’re just jealous because they’re too afraid to be playful themselves. Adults should teach kids about the games they used to play as kids. Instead of buying them all these gadgets, how about going out and play instead. Kids exercise too little anyway.

Personally, I feel I’m still a child who doesn’t really know what to do. I have all this life experience but I’m still quite inexperienced. I know the difference between real life and fiction. But my dreams have been too unrealistic. What I see in myself, doesn’t mean somebody else would see me the same way. The older you get, the more problems you have. Age is nothing but a number but still, the society thinks someone is too young or too old. You’re never the right age. We should look beyond age. It’s the way people act around others. Adults can still be immature and act like teens. Most grow up eventually. Still, people shouldn’t be afraid to play like when they were kids. I still make snowmen or jump into water pools. I let my inner child come out once in a while. I’m an adult but yet so inchoate and I’m not even sorry.

quote about age

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