Life is a ball of yarn

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Life is a ball of yarn. It can be colourful or grey dull. Come to think of it my life isn’t as boring as grey. But it could have more colour in it. What is excitement anyway? For some, it might be wild experiences like bungee jumping or parachuting. For some, it can be going to parties and dating several people. There are different excitements. Some are settled for less. Someone might think my life is boring but that’s not how I see it. I don’t need experiences like some people do. It’s my life and I live it the way I want it. If people want to have wild experiences let them have it. That’s not what I want. I don’t even like rollercoasters so why would I want to try other crazy things. Travelling alone in short distances is excitement enough. Besides, I hate being nervous. I rather live a long life than live in a short one. I don’t have a death wish so I stay away from dangerous things and places. Living as healthy as possible is the main thing.

Especially when you’re a teenager it seems to be so important to have fun. But partying every Friday night is not fun. That’s ruining your health. Drinking and smoking are not fun either. I can’t stand drunk people. Then they complain about having a hangover the next day. Then don’t drink that much. I can’t understand how someone can drink so much so they can hardly walk. I don’t even like the taste of alcohol so I don’t know how someone can drink that stuff. I rather go to the movies or watch one at home than being out looking stupid. When I was a teenager I thought it was so silly when my classmates tried to buy alcohol when they were underaged. Here the legal age is 18. Even now years later I find it so amusing how pathetic they were. Not much has changed since then. I guess some just have to experience something forbidden when they’re young but I never had that urge. I didn’t see any point in it. I guess I was smarter than most people of the same age. There’s nothing wrong being a good girl or boy. You don’t need to be like everyone else and that’s the fun part. I found an article called ‘Fun, what is it?‘ and I totally agree with that. What other think is boring is fun for another. It’s the same the other way around.

The world is crazy but do not be part of that life. You can make your own life sane. Or as sane as possible. It’s easy to go along with other peoples suggestions. You should be able to say no even if it isn’t easy. For me saying no is not a problem. Actually, that’s much easier than saying yes. That’s because I’m selective and think before deciding. For some, it can be difficult to say no. There are things you don’t have to agree to and that’s doing things you don’t really want to. If partying is not your thing, you shouldn’t have to take part in one. The life of yarn has a lot of choices and you should do what pleases you the most. If a family member or a friend don’t accept for who you are, they’re not really supportive and that’s what everyone needs. Fortunately, there are people who do actually have respect for you and those are the people you should have around. Internet is great place to find people like that. You can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t waste your time trying to.