Absent but still here

absent but still here
Made in Canva

I haven’t blogged since Monday but even if I’ve been absent, I’ve still been here. Like in real life, if I don’t have anything to say I don’t say anything. A lot of people think I’m absent if I don’t speak. I’m there but I observe. That’s an introvert way. I can be doing something but I still listen. Except if I write something where I need all my senses. I can’t, for example, listen and write at the same time. I can’t be a journalist because I can’t concentrate on two things at once. That’s the only time I can’t multitask. Other times I can do other things at once. Listening to music and writing this blog, like I do right now. I don’t think I could do anything if I didn’t have something in the background. Of course, the music shouldn’t be too loud. Loud noises or talking distract me and I get agitated.

Sometimes being absent from all the stimulations around you is good. Mine is being in nature and only the birds singing. Unfortunately, there seem to be people everywhere. You could be in a solitude place and then a human walks by and spoils the silence. In the country, there could be more silent places but in the city not so much. Then any silent is welcome and you take what you can. In Finland, there are places where you can be absent from the stress because nature is always close. I’m glad I’m not addicted to smartphones. Leaving my phone at home isn’t that hard. I wouldn’t know what the time is but I wouldn’t get be disappointed if I left it at home. When you go to nature, you should be absent from the internet and concentrate on other things. The life is out there and not on your phone. Some people seem to have forgotten that. I was offline all weekend when I went to Stockholm and it was the most relaxing time I’ve had in a long time.

Being absent from everything for a while do you good. If it’s travelling or a short trip to the beach (or whatever you fancy) You can also be absent but still here. Or maybe it’s just a skill some people have. Either way, getting away from your daily life once in a while helps you keep on going.