Keep on rocking, Robbie

robbie williams XXV concert stage
All Photos: Mia Salminen (me)

I went to see Robbie Williams in concert yesterday (March 5). It was the 2nd time for me. He rocked 25 years ago and still keeps on rocking. I had a better seat this time. Between songs, he talked about his time in Take That and his past problems. He had very deep thoughts that he shared with us. We weren’t only his audience but also his friends. He was interacting with the audience. He’s always been funny, so there was no exception this time. For example, a couple sat in seats where they saw his performance from behind. He asked them if they were together, and it would have been quite embarrassing for them if they weren’t. He told them to come down, so they could sit in front of the extended stage part. They sat there during the whole show. It was such a great gesture from Robbie. Brits, in general, are friendly people.

Another funny thing was when he saw this tall guy and told him it must be nice to be so tall. A shame for the people who stands behind him, Robbie joked. It was a great atmosphere at the concert. He also made a female fan happy by singing one of his songs to her. That’s something he does in his shows. After his band and dancers went off stage, Robbie came back and sang a few lines from his famous songs that we would sing. One of them we couldn’t sing to, and he joked we don’t know his songs by heart. He didn’t mind, though. It was a great end to the concert. He left us with a good feeling.

Here are a few photos from the concert.