Please,no more creepy stuff thank you very much

Since I saw ‘Snow White and Seven Dwarfs’ at age 3, I haven’t liked creepy stuff. I never been into vampires, monsters etc. kind of movies or TV shows. The likes of ‘True Blood’, ‘Supernatural’ nor ‘The Walking Dead’ just creeps me out. Even the Orcs or Uruk Hai’s in ‘Lord of the rings’ were creepy. At the start I just couldn’t look when they were on the screen. I’ve watched X-Files a few times and even then, I just looked away. I just find it disgusting. I’ve never watched ‘American Psycho’ with Christian Bale because of the creepy stuff. Even seeing scenes from the movie, is difficult. I just can’t do it. When watching e.g. CSI where they show dead bodies, makes me look away as well.

When I was 7, I watched a movie in secret from my parents in my room. In it, there was a dead body with its eyes opened in a trunk of a car and the killer with a wrench in its hand. I saw nightmares a few nights after that. I still remember it. Those creepy dead eyes. Yuck. That’s what you get when you’re curious. Now I have to pay the price. I can’t even watch Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ video. I always look a way when I see those zombies and the werewolf.

There’s a trailer with the upcoming movie ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’. I could not watch the movie even if Lee Pace is in. I rather not see it because of the possible creepy stuff. Even the thought of the creepiness, is agonizing. First of all I don’t like to look at mutated things and secondly horror stuff are a bit silly as well.

I’ve never understood the fascination with horror and creepy stuff. When people talk about these ‘popular’ TV shows, it just bores the hell out of me. I just have nothing in common with people who like that kind of stuff. Just keep all that creepiness away from me, please.

C’mon C’mon let’s stick together

OK, you’re all busy. But whatever. I continue writing to myself then 😛 I’m having 2nd thoughts about this blog. It feels like a waste of time. But then again I got too much time on my hands so why not keep it. I’m just bored, bored, BORED. (I know how Sherlock feels sometimes)

Twitter and Facebook are crap. WordPress is crap. Tumblr is crap. My followers are crap. No offence. Leave if you want. I don’t care. This is MY blog and I write what I WANT. If you can’t take it, you don’t have to stay. You got my permission to leave without an explanation. That will just prove you were not worth having. I won’t lose my sleep over it. No point asking any questions as it seems no one replies them. But have it your way. Don’t bother commenting. It seems so difficult to people. Or maybe you think your life is more important than mine. Maybe it is. You’re busy, OK I got that. * rolls eyes * DO I HAVE TO SHOUT TO GET PEOPLE TO NOTICE MY WRITINGS. Hello, anybody there?! I’m asking you a question, you bastard. Didn’t your mother teach you anything? Answer me damn it! [/rant over] Sorry, my disappointment took it over a while. Don’t take it personal. It’s just me ranting 🙂

In the blog world, the main subject is about personal things. But I don’t want to be like everybody else. I refuse to follow that route. My subjects might not be as popular as, let’s say fashion but at least I’m saying something. It might feel like nobody cares what I write but there must be someone. Why would I have followers otherwise? I think I look at the stats too often. I shouldn’t take them so seriously. But somehow I guessed, the Zero to Hero challenge wouldn’t increase my blog’s traffic. It was just a while and now it’s back to square one. Maybe I should change the subject to something else or maybe I just have too many interests. Come to think of it, nah, I’ll just leave it as it is.

Is this boring or what?

This blog, boring or what? Today especially. So here I am again, writing something no one really cares about. Not even me would read it. Or maybe it’s just me being lazy today. I shouldn’t really mind if this blog won’t get lot of comments or a lot of traffic. But somehow looking at the stats of this blog makes me wonder what should I write about so people will notice it. I know I shouldn’t look at the stats that closely but that’s what motivates me. I don’t keep up the blog only for me. If it was, I would keep it private.

I  read an article about bloggers getting paid for their writing. I think those people who wants to make it as a living, seems to want their 15 minutes of fame as well. Not everyone wants to make a business out of it, including me. Most people keep up a blog as a hobby. All I care about is people reading and liking what I write. And occasional comments/feedback.

Back to the stats. The most popular post so far seemed to be the one about Benedict Cumberbatch (damn what a difficult last name to spell but I can finally do it :D) when he paid a visit to Finland. If that’s gonna be the most popular subject then I should change the blog’s name to “Hell with everything else, time for your daily Benedict Cumberbatch fix” Speaking of which, he will be a presenter at the Oscars on Sunday. I’m sure that one will appear on Youtube one day. I hope since I won’t be watching the awards. It’s just takes too long.

So what do people really want to read about on this blog. If I asked, would anyway post a reply? Or just shrug and move on? I could ask questions all day and still no one would have anything to say. How many actually visit frontpages on blogs? Is the poll on my blog too boring? Isn’t it obvious that people find my blog on WordPress? So many questions but so little time.