Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of Silence (or lack of it)

This subject fits me perfectly. I have never had any problems of being silent. I wish I could say the same about my neighbours. I live in an apartment building. It seems that people have the urge to bang their doors shut. Especially if people come home at 3 am and you hear “BANG!” Excuse me but are they stupid? You can come home quietly. No need to be so loud. It seems people have no respect for other people these days. It’s just me, me, me. I don’t know why people can’t come home silently. And then they talk in a normal voice in the stairs. At night when people are sleeping. Can’t people whisper anymore?

And then loud parties. Why do people play music so loud? Are they deaf? Maybe they are since they have to play it like that. If they want to have it loud, why not go to a night club or something. If you live in a building, you should live by the rules. If the silence starts at 10 pm, that means you shouldn’t play music too loud, shout, drill, hammering or anything that is too loud. Especially at weekdays when people have to work the next day. It seems in every house there lives a jerk. There are a few in my dad’s building too.

Summers are the worst. In my building lives a lot of students and they have their friends over. They spend hours on their balcony (smokers, who else :P) and talk out loud. And sometimes they shout as well. The street is usually quite silent at night so it’s easy to hear their voices. Nice to sleep when these idiots amuse themselves. Especially if it’s a hot night and you have to keep the window open. The noise and the awful smell of drugs, eh, cigarettes. How fun 😛

It’s been worse though. This guy who lived on the 2nd floor, used to have his friends over and boy were they noisy. Even in the middle of the week, they had their parties at night. They played their music so loud so it was heard up to my floor. And it wasn’t even real music, it was noise. I guess he moved out later but this other one moved in there and he was all the same. Maybe they were friends or something. Both of they are/were smokers too. What a bunch of chimneys in the building where I live 😛 But that’s another story.

There still lives those noisy people in my building but it’s not that often. One of those noisy ones moved downstairs some months ago. Not so much music but loud talking. That’s another noise factor. Sometimes it feels like the walls are made of paper but it’s not that thin. It’s only because they’re just noisy.

So no sound of silence there. It feels like people are obsessed with noise. They can’t even walk in the woods in silence. You would think adults would know better. It makes me think, if adults can’t stay silent, how would kids know how to. It’s up to the parents to teach their kids to appreciate it. Because schools can’t teach everything. If people would have a silence moment, they wouldn’t be so stressed. Maybe that’s the reason why noise is so important for some.