Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words

Longing for freedom

Have you ever wished you could just get away? Not from this life, from the life you’re living. Do you wish you could just go somewhere to collect your thoughts? Just for a moment.

Everyone feels stressed once in a while. If it’s your work, your friends or family giving you a hard time. You wish you could just go somewhere. Maybe travel to another country. As long as it’s somewhere else.

Or you could just go out to the nearest beach or maybe you live near the ocean. Or even go to a park. It doesn’t have to cost a thing. Try to a find a place where there’s not many people around or none. If you don’t have a place like that. Why not just sit down on a chair at home and close your eyes. Imagine you’re sitting on a cliff, looking out to the sea. You’re all alone and no one interrupts your thoughts. The weather can be whatever you want it to be. A warm breeze or no wind at all. It can be hot or cold, whatever you prefer. Just drift away for a while.

It can also be somewhere in nature. Maybe there’s a place where you used to spend your time when you were a child. Imagine the birds singing. The smell of trees. The smell of fresh air. Think about those summer days when you were a child. Time of innocence.

We all need an escape from reality. Take a look inside your mind. It does wonders to your brain. Contemplation is not that difficult. Just lay back and relax a bit. Life is not that serious.