Talking gibberish

Nothing like this though asked on Twitter “Who is your Reader?”

I usually write to myself so I could be the ‘Reader’ Well I do read before I post. What I don’t like, is spelling errors. My spelling errors. Not so fussy about others. And especially English errors. That’s why google translator is a good tool to use. Sometimes it might have errors but at least that is better then nothing. As long as people understand what I’m saying. But you could always ask if you don’t.

Another questions was “When you draft a post, do you write with someone specific in mind?” Why so serious? (Yes, I’ve watched The Dark Knight too many times :D) It depends what I’m writing about. If I talk about a movie I think about that. Or an actor. Or whatever. I don’t think about anyone specific.

Since English is not my first language, the use of words are limited. I don’t know any “fancy” words. When reading other blogs, some of the words are not familiar. But that’s really the point, to learn English. Even though I have been able to speak English since 5th grade, I still can’t speak it fluently. I think I’ve only used it in real life about 2-3 times. So writing is my strongest point.

The main question was “Who is your Reader?” Young, old, adults with childish minds, adult with no so childish minds, people with jobs, people with no jobs, interesting people, caring people or anyone who cares (or bothers) to read my blog.

Not so gibberish now, is it?!