Weekly Writing Challenge: Time Machine

Step back in time
Turn back the clock
If I could turn back time

These are a few songs that is about turning back the time. At this weeks writing challenge it’s back in time again.

Especially today when it’s one those day when sadness takes over. This challenge really is a challenge for me. I could write this tomorrow but nothing is better than the present. Besides it’s better to write it down instead of keeping it all inside.
Sometimes everybody wishes they could turn back time. Some might think things were better then. For me it really is. I wish I could go back to my childhood. It was when things were good. We went every year to Lapland for a week to ski (that’s downhill skiing mostly) We means me, my sister and my parents. We shared a cabin with 3 other families. We always went there by car. It was a long ride. About 1000 km from southern of Finland. Me and my big sister slept, side by side in the backseat. At the time seatbelts weren’t a big thing. Of course we had breaks once in a while. We sang songs or listened to cassettes to make the time go faster. The best thing about the trip was just being together as a family. The week was so fun, it was a shame to leave.
It wasn’t just the holidays in Lapland. It was also birthdays and Christmases. Both grandmother’s were still around (never knew my grandfathers) Those were the days I wish I could go back to.

Then later my sister died (she was only 10) and things were never the same again. But death is something you can’t control. The same with time. When the time is up, the time is up.

It’s all blank

This is a reason why I don’t blog everyday. Nothing to write about. Sometimes there’s nothing to say. Write everyday, you say. Or there’s no thing called “writer’s block” That’s lot of bull. My mind is all blank.

Earth Hour today (Saturday) But will people switch their lights off? Nope, they don’t care or even know it is Earth Hour. Selfish bastards 😛 They even put the light on even if the sun is shining outside. Jerks. Sometimes I just hate people.

Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections

I grew up reading books from author Astrid Lindgren. I even did a presentation of her in school once. Books like Ronia the Robber’s Daughter and Pippi Longstocking. The swedish versions. But I have always loved movie versions better. I loved Ronia the Robber’s Daughter. I haven’t actually read the book, our teacher read it out loud in class. The same with Narnia:The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. I also love The Brothers Lionheart, the movie. That proves why Lord of the rings and The Hobbit movies are my thing. I think my mother read Mio, My Son to me but I don’t really remember the story. Moomin was also a part of my childhood. I’ve read children’s books when I was in school. But I’m always been a lazy book reader. I prefer movie versions. I haven’t even finished Lord of the rings. I’ve tried (twice) but it just isn’t for me. I did manage to read The Hobbit a few years ago though. But that was much easier to read. I prefer reading biographies, nonfiction and books about a movies. Thick books with small fonts are a major turn off.

Writing stories were always my strongest point in school. I got good reviews from the teachers. We were given different titles and the pupils would choose one of them and make up stories. It was kind of fun after you came up with what you wanted to write about. I started to write fan fiction as an adult in English. Some of them I’ve posted on the internet (about Formula One drivers) They are usually about real people, except the stories are made up. I don’t write fiction based on books or movies. I don’t even read those. They are usually slash and I’m not interested in that.
I still have my first ever fan fiction and reading that, boy it was awful. Luckily I only wrote it to myself. I get my inspiration from my crushes. It depends who it is. That’s all I’m gonna say about that 😉

My stories are not good enough to be published. I only write to get the thoughts out of my head. It’s also fun to write when I feel like it. If they are good enough then I might post them on the internet. I write but I don’t call myself a writer. It’s only a hobby and will always remain so.