Weekly Writing Challenge: My name is… my name is…

Not Slim Shady though.

I didn’t really like my first name (Mia) when I was younger. Not even saying it out loud. I still don’t. These days I actually like it. It’s short to write and easy to remember. That’s what my mother probably thought too. In Finnish it’s spelled with 2 “i’s” but mine is only one. I tell people when they write my name that it’s with one “i” only. I’m very particular with that. Hate it if people write it wrong.
In Finland everyone that is baptized usually have 1 to 3 middle names. Mine has a hyphen between them. So you could say it’s 2 middle names when it’s actually 1.

I never had a nickname but I wasn’t really into that anyway. What really is a bit annoying. People being called Mia when their real name really is Maria or similar. It’s a disgrace for us that has been baptized with that name. I don’t think the name should be used as a nickname. Especially when people introduces themselves by their nicknames and pretending it’s their real name. If your real name isn’t Mia, why are you claiming it’s your name.

Call it weird but I have actually named my mobile Hayden (after Hayden Christensen) and my STB (Set-top box), Anakin. It was my Star Wars phase when I bought them. My TV is called Wentworth (after Wentworth Miller) I think I named my bike something but I can’t remember what it was. I’ve never had a pet, so I name material things instead. Like I did with dolls when I was a child.

Actually the first thing I thought about this Weekly Writing Challenge:Power of names was certain male names that sound sexy when you say them out loud. But that’s another story for another day.