Another day I can’t understand why it’s celebrated

International Women’s Day. What a lot of nonsense to me. Of course women in some countries have it difficult and people should remember those less fortunate. BUT.

Why not remember women everyday? Why have a special day for it? Spread awareness every single day. You might just as well have an International Day for idiots. Or Stupid people’s day. Or Helpless people’s day. Remember people who can’t do anything practical, like turning the lights off or close a gate after them. My point is, why have so many different days? Some are important like World Aids days but there are unnesserry days as well cough Valentine’s Day cough

Of course there are a lot of all kinds of different days but why is this day anything special? I for one don’t care much. It’s just a normal day among other days. And besides being a woman is not that great. But I wouldn’t want to be a man either. Why not celebrate Men day for a change? Or not celebrate any of those at all. Just call it All Gender, Ages and Races Day and get it over with.