The reason why The Oscars is a big farce

I decided to watch The Oscars after all last night. Even though I didn’t plan to. Usually I wouldn’t care much about it. First of all, it’s usually just a show-off party where celebrities dress up and feel important for a night. And secondly the nominations are quite boring. Those that really deserve a nomination are never nominated. Also there’s too many awards. Who really cares about those less important ones. Face it, all that people care about is who wins Best Actor/Actresses and Best Picture.

One of the reason I watched the show was because Ellen was the presenter and she’s really funny. She did a great job. But what was this ordering pizza thing? Were they trying to fill the time with this nonsense? That was really boring and silly. That ‘Selfie’ thing was OK but that pizza thing wasn’t. I was more embarrassed for the actors who took part in it. It was different but still unnecessary. The rest was great. Ellen wasn’t chosen to be the presenter for nothing.

What makes a farce of this show is the nominations and the winners. The Academy has never appreciated trilogies or movie series like Bond and such. Those kind of movies never get nominated. The people in the academy seem to have been stuck in a rut. They don’t want anything new. “It’s always been like that” they might say. OK, whatever. Time for a change in “your policy”
This years The Oscars were unpredictable. What annoyed me the most was the same movie winning awards; ‘Gravity’ I never hated a movie I haven’t seen but this one really got on my nerves. If it was a person I would strangle it. I was glad it didn’t win Best Picture. That would have been so wrong. Even though I find 12 Years of Slave a bore, that’s better then bloody ‘Gravity’ And even Benedict Cumberbatch won the award. Yay.
Even if I like Sandra Bullock as an actress, I was happy she didn’t win Best Actress. That was an award I was happy Cate Blanchett won. Not only because she’s also in The Hobbit movies but also because she really deserved to win.
Best Actor was the only award that got the nominations right. All 5 deserved the award. Yet again, no award for Leo DiCaprio this time either. But he doesn’t need an award to prove what he’s worth. Same goes with Christian Bale (looked great btw). Matthew McConaughey really deserved to win. Especially after all the great effort he did for the role.

‘Gravity’ is the curse word of today. Especially for the Best Visual Effects. That’s injustice. The Hobbit should have won that. Smaug is the most impressive creation ever. And I’m not just saying it because I love the movie. ‘Gravity’ is nothing compared to that.
But maybe next year, The Hobbit will get the nominations and the wins. Well, it did happen to Lord of the rings so why not now.