My guilty pleasure: Fan fiction


Or I don’t even know if I can call it that. Fan fiction are usually written and read by horny teenagers. The stories are based on TV series or movies and it’s characters. But I’m not really into that. I don’t really understand this infatuation to Slash fan fiction either. It’s a bit disturbing reading about heterosexuals turning homosexuals. Unless they really are but that’s a different matter.

I don’t really read fan fiction. Unless it’s about Formula One drivers. I’ve written a few of those. I even had a blog about it here on WordPress last year. But those fan fictions are in the past. I haven’t written any fiction lately. I prefer those RPF (Real Person Fiction) Writing them that is. I don’t think I never read one. I only write them for me. Only in English. It’s good practise and also a way to get thoughts out of my head. I get inspirations of the people (men in this case) I write about. And boy what an inspiration they give me. I don’t even know if I can call my fictions real person fiction. The only thing that is real, are the names. And maybe a little of their personality. But other things are just in my imagination. And why would they mind, it’s not like they will know. Even if I decided to post them on the internet. Which could happen. Or it would not.