Weekly Writing Challenge: Student, Teacher

I have never had a school teacher that has had any affect on me. At least nothing positive. Will come to that later.
My best teacher was my mother. She was the one that taught me house work and how to cook. If I had concerns I could always ask her help. That’s one of the things I’m gonna miss about her. My father is also someone you can talk to but it’s not the same though.
Parents are the one’s that teach you about life. The teachers are only there to teach you school work. If you can’t look up to your parents, who can you look up to. It’s your parents job to teach you manners and how to behave around other people.

There are parents that blame the school if their kids misbehave. They have forgotten it’s their job to raise their kids and not the school. They expect the teacher to raise them but that’s not their job.

You can study a lot of things but it doesn’t mean you can learn anything. People go to college or University but still they don’t know anything about life. You don’t learn life from books or what the teachers say. They can tell you wisdom’s but you should learn things by yourself.

“The world is not in your books and maps, it’s out there” – Gandalf

I’ve learned a lot by myself. In school I got the basics but I’ve learned a lot since then. I learned English by watching English-speaking programs (TV, movies and such) and reading in English. Learned about how to use the computer and the internet. I learn by doing stuff. I can’t learn something if someone says what to do, they have to show me.

I could never teach people things. I’m really bad at it. I just get nervous. Older people are the worst. I just have no patience whatsoever. In 9th grade we had a week of work experience and I was in a class for 1st or 2nd grades. One of the students wanted me to help in a Maths assignment (that’s my worse subject) but luckily I was saved by the teacher. Or that’s what I remember. I don’t know exactly how it went since it’s was ages ago. I can always help people (expect in Maths) but to teach them, no thank you.

One teacher that had a negative affect on me was when I studied photography. He did not like digital cameras at all. It wasn’t really common at the time. He thought film cameras were the only real things. I hated all the developing stuff that came with it. Chemicals, the counting how much liquid you’re suppose to have and blah, blah. It just made me lose interest in photography for a few years. He really made me believe photographers only use film cameras. Now when I think about it, if things would have been different, I could have continued with photography. Who knows where I would have been now. But I’m not bitter. Maybe I wouldn’t want to be a photographer after all at the time. You can’t change the past. You can only look forward.


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