Writing 101:Introversion and meeting new people

Today’s Writing 101 is difficult to me. Two reasons. First, I haven’t met anyone new since I have no job and no social life. Secondly, as an introvert, meeting new people is difficult. I just can’t start to talk to people I don’t know. Never have. It takes a while before I warm up to people. I never know what to say. Even a simple ‘Hello’ is a big effort. Living in Finland doesn’t help either. Here when you say ‘Hi’ to strangers, it doesn’t start conversations. You’ll be lucky if you even get a ‘Hi’ back.
When I studied graphic design from 2009 to 2011, I could not get my mouth open to speak. I felt I had nothing in common with my class mates. It didn’t help either that most of them were smokers. The chimney society I could call them. They have their own conversations. They were nice people and I did talk to them. But it just took a while. They were all adults so the atmosphere in the class was good. I didn’t keep in touch with them after the school was finished though. So far they’ve been the best class mates since elementary school.

Another difficult thing about this assignment, is how to describe people. I can describe simple things but when it comes to details, I can’t seem to know how. Of course I don’t have to use fancy words. I’m not an author after all.
I didn’t know how to approach this task. But then I got it. Why not write about people I wish to meet? (and I don’t mean celebrities) I will start to study photography in Helsinki Design School in the Autumn/Fall (you can see the milestone on the side bar on the right of this blog) You never know what kind of people you will meet there. They are all 18 or over, that’s for sure. I hope they are people that respect you the way you are. They don’t judge you about the way you look. Would be better if they don’t smoke. Because no matter how nice they are, that is out of the question. They can be and look like whatever they are. They can be tall, short, blonde, brunettes or redheads, it does not matter. The most important thing is that they motivate you. We will only meet once a month but I hope they are people worth my time. Not to forgetting the teachers. I’m both excited and worried about the school. When I go to a new place, I always think I will be brave. But when the day comes, I just freeze. Things never go the way I think.
I might not become best friends with any of my fellow students. I just hope they accept me the way I am.