Weekly Writing Challenge: It wasn’t me

I haven’t had any collisions with my other self. I think the ‘home me’ doesn’t want to meet the ‘public me’. They are total opposites. The ‘home me’ is more outgoing and opinionated. The ‘public me’ rather not say much. Even if someone asks something, I just give short answers. When people meet me, they think I’m always quiet. No one has never really bothered to get to know me. I wish I could show people the ‘home me’. At least a little because some things you just don’t show people.

If I was ‘home me’ in public, people probably wouldn’t understand. Or just think I’m weird. I still haven’t found anyone that could really see what I’m really like. People might get the general idea through my blog but still it doesn’t give the right impression.

If ‘home me’ met the ‘public me’ it would probably say “Hey, you, try to be a little bit more outgoing, will you?” And it would be absolutely right. But if it’s not in your nature,what can you do?!