A 3 POV (point of view)

A young mother and her 5-year-old son is on a playground in the park. The boy is playing with his spade and bucket in the sandbox. The mother tells him, it time to go home but he refuses. He continues to fill his bucket with sand. The other kids in the park had already left.

An older lady is sitting on a bench a little further away, watching them. She thinks about her own son when he was the same age. She can see herself in the young woman, struggling to get her son home. She’s old now and her son has moved away. She comes to the park every day and sits on the same bench. Her husband died 10 years ago. This was the same bench where they had met. She had fond memories of this park. It had changed a lot since then but the atmosphere was still the same.

The young mother is loosing her patience. She knows she shouldn’t raise her voice but she does it anyway. She tells him, it’s getting late and they hadn’t eaten dinner yet. She tries to take the spade away from her son but he just whines. She takes a deep breath and sits down on the edge of the sandbox. She explains to him, calmly that they would come back tomorrow.

The old lady on the bench is a little worried about the mother’s reaction. She could go and tell her to calm down. But when she’s sees there’s no need, she let it be.

The young mother strokes her son’s hair and apologise for raising her voice. The boy empties the bucket and takes his mother’s hand in his. She helps him to get him out of the sand box. She takes the bucket and the spade with them. The situation is over and they walk home.

The old lady smiles to herself and feels relieved about the happy ending. It’s her time to go home too. She would come back the next day. Maybe she would see the young mother and her son there again.