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I don’t own that many books so this assignment wasn’t very interesting. I didn’t pick up the first book either. I looked in a few books I own. (most of them are about movies) I picked up The Hobbit, the Finnish version. The word was ‘ja’ which means ‘And’

Dear And!
And here you are again.
And what are you actually doing here?
And-ing sentences maybe.
And what else do you do besides And-ing.
And it does sound like ending when it’s not.
And in Finnish it’s ‘ja’ and in Swedish ‘och’ Oops there you were again.
And did you know that when you write ‘And’ in Google image search you’ll find this

En And= A duck

And don’t be so confused.
And also means something else but it’s pronounced differently.
And I did try to search the pronunciation online.
And just kept coming up.
And now that’s a wrap.
And one more thing.

And And And And…

from me