A scene in the woods

Albert Edelfelt (1854 1905), Christ and Mary Magdalene, Source: Torsten Stjernschantz: Suomen taidetta Ateneumin kokoelmissa. Vihko 8. (Black and white). Kustannusosakeyhtiö Kirja Helsinki 1908.


A scene in the woods

Jesus Christ meets Mary Magdalene. She felt guilty and wanted Jesus forgiveness. They meet in the edge of the forest in Jerusalem.

Mary Magdalene: Dear Jesus, I have sinned

Jesus: What is it, my child? What can be so bad?

Mary Magdalene: I have helped a helpless man

Jesus: That’s not a sin. Helping your fellow-man, is not a sin

Mary Magdalene: He wasn’t helpless. I thought he was

Jesus: Tell me more

Mary Magdalene: His name was Judas and he told me he wanted my help

Jesus: That’s still not a sin, my dear

Mary Magdalene: It was Judas, the man who betrayed you. Please forgive me

Jesus: Even the baddest person deserves help. You did nothing wrong by helping this man

Mary Magdalene: It was I who told him where you were and I feel guilty for doing so. It was I who thought he needed help. But he just wanted to know where you were. It’s because of me you will be crucified

Jesus: It’s not your fault. You’re forgiven even when there’s nothing to forgive.

With that, Jesus laid his hand on her head and Mary Magdalene gratefully thanked him. Then they parted ways. Neither of them knew they would never meet again.


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