Try to find the irony in this


Will you find any irony in this post? I still don’t know what the real meaning is. Irony is not what Alanis Morissette sings about in ‘Ironic’. So thank you so much, Alanis. All these years I thought that’s what you’re singing about. But no, no, no. When the lyrics say “Isn’t it Ironic”, it should be “It isn’t ironic” Maybe that’s the joke in the song. Singing about irony when it’s just about bad luck. Sarcasm I can do, which is closer to irony (I looked it up) but irony itself just makes me feel dumb. Listen to lyrics in English doesn’t make me smarter either. That’s the reason I’ve never cared for song lyrics. It’s all about music.

Speaking of which. Music was my first love. I always loved music. It’s a good remedy for everything. I feel really old when I hear about new bands or singers. I don’t follow the music scene the way I used to so I’m out of the new ones. I don’t really care about them anyway. Music these days is quite awful. Some are good but most of them are crap to put it nicely. I prefer bands and singers that have been around for years. Like Duran Duran.
Now there’s a band that never gets old. Even songs they’ve released over 20 years ago, still sound like they were made yesterday. Try that with new bands these day. Will their music still sound great in, let’s say, 30 years? I very much doubt it. Duran Duran still together even. They are a good example how a band can stick together no matter what happens. They’re so popular that even MTV banned their video ‘Girl Panic!” Which is silly really because music videos are much worse than that. All they had were 2 girls kissing each other when other bands or singers videos have half-naked people in them.

Difficult to write irony things when you don’t even know what it means. Actually I know what it is but I have no idea how to write irony. I’m talentless like that. I know I can write but I don’t know how to write irony.

So did anyone find any irony in this?

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