Having your pie and eat it

Finnish applepie
Source: http://kauniimpimaailma.blogspot.fi/

I don’t think I’ve never eaten any other pie than apple pie. In Finland it’s more like a cake then a pie. My mother had a friend who had apple trees in her garden. In autumn we got apples from her and we did apple cake. We did it together. That was our mother and daughter time. Apple pie is at its best when it’s a bit cold. More the apples are sour, the better. Pastry is always best when it’s a few days old. We ate it without custard but sometimes with ice cream.

Eating pie doesn’t need special occasions. It can just be as a dessert or if you want something sweet to eat. It’s healthier to eat something if you’ve made it yourself. Also making pastry with fruit is healthy. If you buy pies from the store, you never know what you get. When you do it from scratch, you know what you’re eating.

When I was a child, one of my dream jobs were a baker. I loved to bake. But when I got older, I realised it wasn’t as much fun as I thought. Besides waking up early is not my cup of tea. I prefered the eating part. I used to bake with my mother but now when she’s gone, it’s not the same. Doing it alone is hard work. But I have baked a dry cake after her death, a sweet tooth as I am.
We did gingerbread at Christmas, cream cakes for birthdays or dry cakes for no special reason. Sometimes when we had something else in the oven, it was handy to do pastries. We also did cinnamon rolls and buns. I was always afraid to take stuff out of the oven. I think I burnt myself once so I was a bit careful. My mother said I would get used to use the oven and she was right. I’m not afraid of it anymore.

I prefer cakes to pies. Come to think about, I have eaten other than apple pies but those were was small ones that you can buy from the store. Maybe I will bake one day a pie with a crust. I’ve never done those. American pies I think they’re called. Looks like hard work after looking at pie recipes online. I rather have someones elses pie and eat it.

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