Life is too short to

Hate. Why not spend your time with something you like? Life is too short to hate. The reason there are wars, are because of the hate. Some have issues with the past and they keep on hating. It continues from generation to generation. Why all the hate when there’s so much to love to give? We only live once. We should use our energy to more important things. Things won’t get better if people keep hating. It just gets worse. Like those terrorists that wants revenge because someone has killed their families. Of course it’s awful to lose your family but taking your anger on someone else is not right. By killing others won’t get their families back. You just have to accept what you have lost.

Then there’s hate against homosexuals or the color of a person’s skin. That’s something you can’t change and yet there are people who hate them. Hating someone because they’re different, is just not acceptable. If you don’t like somebody then just go back to your dream world where everyone feels and looks the same. Everybody should be allowed to walk on the streets without feeling fear. There’s no point becoming violent against other person. If you hate another human being, then you must hate yourself. No matter how much racists and homophones whine, the world will always have different people in it. There’s nothing no one can do about that.

Then there’s milder hate. Hate towards a band, celeb or any other subject. There used to be (maybe still is) a  trend where people had anti web pages. Doesn’t these people have something they love? Why waste your time having a hate page anyway? If you don’t like it then don’t. No one has forced anyone to like everything.
There are things I don’t like but I rather concentrate on things I like. Life too short to hate.

Extended VersionLike The Beatles sang “All you need is love” Which leads to what I love. That love I picked up from the post office today. The Hobbit: The Desolations of Smaug. The Extended Edition. I absolutely love those. The same with Lord of the rings. Great interviews, behind the scenes and of course the most important thing, deleted scenes. There hasn’t been any actor commentators like the Lord of the rings had. Maybe there’s a reason for that. That’s a shame since those were fun.

I usually don’t take part in The Daily Prompt but today’s subject was something I knew what to write about. Writing is the other thing I love. It’s much more fun to love than hate. Don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Life is too short to

  1. glad you joined in today. I write occasionally when I like the topic. Today’s was too fun.
    It’s a very complicated topic love/hate and sadly there are no easy solutions..
    Enjoy The Hobbit – classic


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