Stop Killing Dolphins in Taiji


Let’s get serious. I loved dolphins since I was a child. It hurts me too see them being killed in Taiji, Japan. I follow the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians on Facebook. They keep us updated everyday about what these killers are doing. What’s even worse, they can’t do anything but watch them kill innocent dolphins. At this rate all dolphins will all become extinct. The hunting season ends in March. The reason they kill these animals are greed and selfishness. They done the killing for centuries and they will keep doing so as long as nobody interferes.

They’re not only killing them but they also take them captive and dump the juveniles back to the sea where they probably will be eaten by other animals. The killers choose which one’s to sell to marine parks, zoo’s and “swimming with the dolphins”programs. Rest they brutally slaughter and sell their meat to restaurants. If the dolphins are injured, they dump them back to the killing cove. This senseless killing goes on everyday. They have the dolphins captive for days without food. They split the families in two and make them suffer. These killers have no heart whatsoever. All they care about is killing innocent dolphins so they can live a fulfilled life.

Dolphins are close to humans. They’re smart and family orientated. They belong to the ocean and not for human entertainment. As long as people go to marine parks and such, the killing will continue. A lot of people doesn’t know the truth behind the way how these dolphins end up in these places.

I usually don’t wish bad luck to people but when it comes to Taiji killers, I hope God will punish them with something horrible. Like a hurricane or tsunami. No animal deserve to be terrorized by humans. This animal cruelty must stop. And before anyone says, “it’s always been like that” That is no excuse. There are ways to change things. We should not settle with “it’s always been like that” It’s like giving up hope. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

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