When you have an awful day

©Mia Salminen

You wake up in the morning and feel this could be a good day. But as the day passes, you feel everything is going down the drain. You lose hope and feel useless. Today it’s one of those days to me.

Yesterday I finally picked up the courage to call the digital advertising company again about a work practise place. I had an appointment today. I didn’t meet the person I were suppose to but I talked to someone else though. To make the story short, it’s a no can do. They’re too busy with some project so they have no time to show me anything. The person I talked to would ask the others if they could but I shouldn’t be too hopeful. Not exactly those words but still. So there goes the first one and there’s no hope for anything else either it seems. At least someone gave me a candy (for Women’s day) and then I saw a famous Finnish actor who sometimes appear in their videos.

The practise is suppose to begin next week but I have nothing. This really sucks. It was also no can do in the photography thing. Then I went to a another advertising company to ask. The same thing.
They say you shouldn’t give up but this is draining. I won’t find anything. I hate repeating everything. This is not for a paid job, it’s only practise for crying out loud. You don’t need to hold my hand. I’m not helpless. I can learn by watching. But it’s not really my fault. If they don’t have time or they already have someone than it’s their loss. At least that’s what I have to think to feel better.

If that wasn’t enough. We had a practise job interview in the career coaching course. I came to realise I’ll fail in real ones. I did get good tips about how to improve but I’m no talker. I don’t give long answers. I’m not a quick thinker either. Especially when it comes to past job experiences. I don’t remember exactly so of course there’s gonna be long pauses. My weakness is I can think inside my head but when I’m suppose to say it out loud, the words disappear. If the job interviewer wants a talkative person, they better find someone else. That’s not me. I prefer action to talk.

Days like these shouldn’t exist. Things should go the way you want. If they did, I wouldn’t feel so disappointed. Tomorrow is a better day. I hope.